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3 Reasons Why Married Couples Need Vacays!

Vacations are good for people all over this world whether you go with family, friends, or even alone. Vacations are good for you!! They affect your physical, mental, emotional and psychological health in so many positive ways. On top of that, vacationing is just fun!

However, some people have said that life after marriage for them tends to get a little boring or maybe not necessarily boring but not as fun as it was before they exchanged vows, especially if they have children. It’s not the fact that the love for your partner has changed. Sometimes the daily responsibilities of your career, parenting, or just adulting period become overwhelming. Before you know it, you get so used to those daily routines that by the end of everyday you’re exhausted and you don’t really have energy for anything else including entertaining your spouse. Whether it’s with simple conversation, sex or any kind of intimacy… sometimes you just don’t have the extra energy because everything else has worn you out!

Although it’s never intentional, it still has a negative impact on your marriage to a certain extent. It eventually opens a door of insecurities and possibly boredom as well. There are many solutions as to how you can go about fixing this issue but the one I want to talk about today is …

Marriage Vacays are super important! They aren’t required but I definitely recommend taking them. Whether you go for a full week or just a weekend, it is so important that you get that type of alone time with your spouse. And your trips don’t have to be limited to just once a year. If you can afford it, take several! The more the merrier and here are three quick reasons why:


Vacationing with your partner can be fun and really that kind of fun is one of the many things that help keep your marriage young and so fresh. It gives you the opportunity to experience all kinds of different wild, fun, silly and crazy adventures together. I know when me and my Husband travel, we really try to do things outside of our comfort zones. Sometimes, it’s scary at first but overall the experience is almost 100% enjoyable every single time. After the fear has officially been faced, we laugh and it’s like we laugh FOREVER about it!!

It’s basically a mixture of being both proud and shocked that we actually did it and I promise you two months after the trip we’ll still be talking and giggling about it. Haha! There is nothing in this world like creating sweet memories like that with someone you love so much and there is absolutely nothing like being able to get away and just do things that make you feel young again no matter how old you are.


Lack of intimacy at home is one of the many things that can easily open a door of insecurities.  When I say, “intimacy” I mean it on every level from sex to conversation, laughter, cuddling, romance and things of that nature. Unfortunately, married couples often have tired sex at the end of the evening.

Marriage vacays can seriously rejuvenate your sex life. It’s also one of the best times to try some new positions! Aside from sex though, it’s crucial that you get this type of quality time in. You know, where you just focus and enjoy every little thing about each other. Traveling with your partner will enable all kinds of extra time for that. Many of us have busy lives and a marriage vacay gives us much needed time together to reprioritize our relationship. 


Vacations have the potential to break the stress cycle. It gives you the opportunity to gain a positive perspective on your problems, RELAX, and just enjoy a break from your usual routines. You really get a chance to enjoy being away from the everyday responsibilities of adulting and it’s lovely!!

 It’s just something about vacays that make you feel refreshed when you come back IF it’s a successful vacation! In a weird sense, you come back feeling like you’re ready to take on the world again. A lot of times, you come back with a more positive mindset and your motivation is strengthened too!  Never underestimate the power of good vacay!

In conclusion, I really just want to encourage you as a married couple to take vacations together. Like I mentioned earlier, it doesn’t have to be for a full week! Weekend trips are just fine too. With all the daily stress, sometimes it’s easy to forget why you married each other in the first place. Traveling together will give you a chance to rediscover one another.

 Getting away from all the daily hassles and spending time together in a different place can really strip down some barriers and help you to rediscover the foundations of what made you a couple at the start of your marriage. The couple vacation is an opportunity for building trust, intimacy, and shared enjoyment. It also increases lots of fun and friendship and that my friend is VERY important to have in a marriage!

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      1. Thank you so much !! ❤️ so many people automatically think of sex when it comes to intimacy but there’s definitely so much more to it! Thanks for reading and commenting !!

        1. Ohhh I bet the water is beautiful there!!
          I’ve been to Daytona before. It’s been years ago! It was pretty too!! Nothing like a private vacay with the Hubbs !! ❤️

          1. I am literally soooo in love with the Emerald Coast & it’s colors. I’m hoping the water is as pretty as the videos and photos I’ve been eyeballing for the past few months! 🌸

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