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4 Things Every Blogger Should Be Doing on Twitter


The first thing you need to do is make sure you’re following blog accounts that promote other bloggers. There are two benefits in following them.

  1. They help promote your content when you tag them in your posts!

2. They open the opportunity for you to meet and connect with a whole world full of bloggers!

If you’re not following any retweeting blog accounts then you’re missing out! If you’re kind of lost on which blog accounts to follow then here’s a few that I follow myself down below! In my opinion, they are VERY supportive and majority of the time retweet my posts and content:


It is your responsibility to talk about your own content and get it out there. PROMOTE! PROMOTE! PROMOTE! You can’t always rely on the blogger retweet accounts to share your posts. Don’t be afraid to promote your work.

What I usually do is make a tweet alerting my blog friends that I’ve just published a new post. I include what the post is about, the link and lastly I tag a few blog retweet accounts. Just in case they don’t retweet/share my content that day, my post will still show up on their Twitter page . So when random bloggers or readers visit their profile and scroll, they’ll run into my post!

Promoting on Twitter is kind of a hit & miss thing. You can tweet the link to your latest post, include a persuasive description, tag the RT Accounts and sometimes still get little to no reaction. Then there are times you’ll tweet and it’s like you hit the freaking jackpot because dang near every blogger will notice it, retweet and even stop by to show your post some love!

There is no right or wrong time to share new content on Twitter so because of that .. I tweet and promote my new blog posts at least twice a day. I tweet the first one immediately after I publish the post and I usually retweet it myself midday.


Blog Trains are my Favorite !! Participating in these will generate more traffic to your blog and help you gain a large following! Down below are some examples of a few! You’ll notice that the trains are not only for blogs but also for promoting your Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook & YouTube Channels!! Each blog train has the same goal though .. to grow traffic and a following to your blog.


The way you network and interact with other bloggers on Twitter can either make or break the way you promote on this particular platform.

  • Basically.. if you want support then you need to be supportive.
  • If someone visits your blog from the link you share on Twitter & they leave feedback.. then you should definitely return the favor.
  • If you gain a new subscriber from a blog train.. return the favor.
  • When people leave you comments.. Make sure you reply back in a timely manner! That’s just common courtesy. It absolutely baffles me to see bloggers ignore their readers.
  • The follow/unfollow game isn’t cool. It’s actually very annoying. Don’t do that. Be geniune in your follows!

In opinion, the blogging community is the most supportive of each other on Twitter and I love it !! It’s ultimately all about helping each other grow!!

I’m sure there are other things that bloggers do on Twitter but these four here are the ones I do on a consistent basis and as a result this Social Media Platform has played a big role in the success of my blog so far when it comes to views, visitors, likes, and comments! I appreciate each and every one of you who support my blog with all of your love and genuine feedback!

21 thoughts on “4 Things Every Blogger Should Be Doing on Twitter

  1. Great post as always! Thank you for this information. I honestly do not know much about Twitter and there are certain people that made me stay clear of Twitter, but maybe I should give it a chance!

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