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4 Ways I Express My Love For God On Daily Basis!

How do you express your love for God?

In all honesty, I was inspired by a fellow blogger to do a post like this. Her post was centered around different things that she does on a daily basis to express her love to and for God! It instantly made me think about myself on a personal level and the things I do to express my love for God. In fact, it got me wondering if I express my love “enough” for Him. I could always do better but in my moment of solitude and pondering this is what I came up with ..

Daily Conversations

I spend a lot of time talking to God throughout the day. From the time I wake up in the mornings til the time I go to bed at night, it’s like I have “never ending” conversations with Him. I don’t consider my prayers to be “normal”. They’re not long, fancy or eloquent. I just talk God as if He’s a friend but more like a best friend and don’t let me be pissed off about something because honey those conversations are NOT cute!! However, I am so grateful that God can look beyond that and not judge me in some of my most heated moments!

I don’t always talk out loud when I pray either. There are so many religious people out there that will try to make you feel like your prayers are invalid if you’re not doing it the traditional way.. on your knees, head bowed, and eyes closed.. but I have definitely learned something! God still hears your prayers no matter how you decide to do it! But anyways, daily conversations with God is one of the many ways I express my love for Him. Prayer is such an important part of our relationship!


First of all, I love music and I listen to several different genres but Gospel is one of my absolute favs!! It’s more than just the music itself. It’s something about the lyrics that’s calming to my soul and soothing to my nerves especially when I’m irritated! That might sound kind of weird but I promise you it’s just one of those things that I find to be quite therapeutic. Sometimes I find myself expressing my love for God through song! Instead of me just singing along, a lot of times it becomes true moments of worship!


If you keep up with my posts, you might notice that I talk about God quite often around here! Not all of my posts are centered around Him and that’s quite alright but I really love it when I get the opportunity to share my testimonies with you guys here on my blog!


Sometimes, God randomly pops in my conversations that I have with my family, friends, coworkers and loved ones. I’m not the type of person to shove God down people’s throat but depending on the conversation, sometimes the opportunity presents itself for me to share how God brought me through a similar situation! I’m not extra but I’ll testify to anybody that’ll listen.

I love everything about God! I’m a Jesus lover and I wanna see Heaven one day but I also know I’m not that perfect Christian. I don’t read my bible as often as I should. I don’t always talk to God as much as I need to through prayer. I fall short only a daily basis but I do try and sure I could do better! That’s always the goal but those listed above are my four ways of expressing my love for God just about everyday!

How do you express your love for God? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear and learn new ideas πŸ™‚ Thanks for stopping by to read my post today! I had fun writing it and looking deeper into myself and my spiritual walk!

21 thoughts on “4 Ways I Express My Love For God On Daily Basis!

  1. Well done! πŸ™‚ I love this.

    Also, really quick: do you want any help with graphic design? Sorry, I never got a reply to my last email and I’m making sure we’re good. πŸ™‚ If so, that’s fine. But if you still want some stuff just email me. πŸ˜€ <3

    1. Hey! Thanks Ariana!! ❀️
      I’ve decided to just wait on a design for now simply because I’m indecisive about what kind of design I should have and etc but thank you so much and I will always keep you in mind! 😘

  2. I really enjoyed reading your post. I personally never kneel to pray to God…2 knee replacements don’t allow me to kneel. I talk to God where ever I am when I need to talk to God.

    1. Oh wow! I wouldn’t too much kneel either with two knee replacements! I feel you on that!! Thank you so much for reading and commenting !! πŸ’œ

  3. I have posted things related to my relationship with God on my blog, and you are welcome to thumb through them and repost anything you like. There is a prayer from a Rabbi I found many years ago in a book, “When Bad Things Happen to Good People.” I think that it is one of the best prayers I have ever read, and I carry it in my wallet to remember it all the time. There are others too. Thank you for your good areticle.

    1. Thank you Mrs. Anne! I’m gonna have to check that out because that’s seriously one question that everyone asks … β€œWhy so bad things happen to good people?”
      Thanks for sharing that with me!

  4. I can relate to all four of these things! I enjoy speaking to God as if he were my friend. I share EVERYTHING with him. I like to think that prayers should be conversations rather than religious repetitions of words. So, don’t ever let anyone shame you for the way you pray. I love Christian music so much – especially any songs by Hillsong United. I try to dedicate certain posts to God and I also can’t give words of encouragement to someone without mentioning God. God is so good, it’s impossible not to talk about him.

    Much love always,
    GABBY |

    1. Amen to every single thing you just said !!! πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½ thanks so much for reading and commenting !! You & I relate all too well on so many things !!

  5. Those are lovely ways to expressing gratitude and love for God. I’m in a bible study and I love the connections I have built with others while learning more about the man above. I try to make it an effort to read the bible daily as well. From your list, I think Im going to start listening more to gospel music.

    Thank you!

    1. Girl I love me some gospel music and I’ve been thinking about attending bible study here lately! It’s nice to be in fellowship with other believers ❀️ thank you so much for reading and commenting!!

  6. These are great ideas! I agree with you about gospel music–it’s soothing and has helped me when I’ve had bad days. As for encouragement, I’d like to become better at this (I do this with family, though) and mention God more. I’ve done it a few times with clients at work. I’ve said things like “God will work something out for you” and “I’ll pray for you.” But I always worry about seeming too pushy/forceful or wondering what exactly I should say. I just want the conversation to naturally flow in that direction.

    1. Hey Evette!
      Thank you so much !! I don’t include God in every single conversation but when the opportunity presents itself I just let it flow within in the conversation, other times I use discernment β™₯️

  7. I have learned that this walk with God is personal. You have to seek God for yourself. As you seek you will find what you are looking for.

    I love to write in my journal. Talk with God like a close relative. I am honest with how I feel and what I think. I read his word. I listen to happy music. Daily I try to look for God in my daily life. I see God bigger than the four walls of a building. Bigger than what people say. God is the creator. So, I try to use the little things to connect myself with God. ❀ Thanks for sharing.

    1. You are precisely right when you say the walk with God is a very personal one! Your personal walk with Him is what defines the kind of relationship you have with God!! β™₯️
      The idea of a journal is great idea!! Embrace whatever works easiest for you !! Thanks so much for reading my blog & commenting !! ✨

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