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5 Quick Ways to Relieve Stress!

Stress is a normal thing for everyone but it’s also something that can have a negative impact on your health and absolutely kill you if you don’t find a way to deal with it! There are several ways to deal with stress but here are my top five favorite ways!!


The internet is an unsafe place for the heart. Please know when to log off. Find you some people to spend quality time with. Many of your deliverances will come on several levels from several issues, when you stop scrolling so much..


Thinking about someone else and giving back to them is a great way to make a little impact in their life, but also amazing for relieving stress!! Sometimes, your biggest test is in how you treat other people while you’re fighting your own personal battles and sometimes.. your breakthrough is depends on your obedience of being a blessing to the next person!!


This one is almost cliche but exercising really does help relieve stress!! I don’t know what it is about going to the gym, walking the trail at the park, doing zumba, doing an “insanity” workout video or yoga that gets people’s stressful circumstances off their mind but it works; gets the job done every single time! As a matter of fact, I went to the gym today and I’m going back tomorrow!


I LOVE LOVE LOVE being able to express myself through writing! Usually when I’m stressed, the emotion of anger is not too far from me.. (if it’s not already there) but to be able to put my thoughts on paper somewhat frees my mind in its own little way. Sometimes I’m venting through my writing and sometimes I’m just writing out plans and what my next move will be! Writing is therapy.

For me, writing is such a strong form of therapy that when I’m done I no longer feel the need to verbally vent to anyone.. unless it’s my Husband because I will absolutely talk his head off. But seriously, writing is an excellent way to relieve stress. I would say journaling but I don’t want you to take it too serious and think it’s necessary for you to actually have a journal. You can grab a raggedy notebook and write your heart away in it! You just need something that you can use to get all of that anger and stress out on. 


Okay, this is something else that I do not only when I’m stressed but when I’m pissed too! For one thing, I’m not a neat freak. I’m kind of far off from it actually. I don’t clean as often as I should. I’m not nasty, but I’m not like “OCD” either. (obsessive-compulsive disorder) I’m not gonna freak out if there’s four dishes sitting in the sink. I’ll add like seven more of ’em before I start loading the dishwasher.  My house stays clean enough to where if somebody decided to surprise me with an unannounced visit.. it’s decent enough!! The only thing they might see is a load of clean laundry chilling in the recliner.

 Anyways, cleaning helps somewhat relieve my stress. In a weird sense, it calms me down. I honestly don’t know how. I guess the fact that it keeps me busy and keeps me distracted from going into stress overload! By the time I’m done cleaning.. just about every room in my house is spotless, the laundry is completely done and when it’s all said and done.. I’m just tired. I am literally ready for a shower and my bed. That’s it. Whatever was bothering me at that moment doesn’t bother me anymore until the next day because I’ll be too tired to put any energy into even thinking about it! So yeah.. when you’re feeling stressed, do some cleaning! I promise there’s a healing in it! It’s a weird one but it’s there!

There are several ways to reduce stress but again these are my top 5 favorites! What are some things you to do reduce your own personal stress?I’m always open to new suggestions!!

15 thoughts on “5 Quick Ways to Relieve Stress!

  1. Girl, yes!🙌🏻 I can relate to all of these tips because I do them when I’m stressed too, but I really need to work on the first one you mentioned! Constantly being on social media can get exhausting and suck the life out of you. Thank you for these tips, I enjoyed reading them!☺️💕

  2. These are great!
    But while I take pleasure in a job well done, I’ve always found cleaning to be too laborious to be relaxing.
    But otherwise, this was awesome!

    1. Lol thank you!
      Cleaning is just one of those things that does it for me in its own weird little way! Thank you so much for stopping by to give my post a read!! ♥️

  3. These are great tips! Helping other people definitely relieves stress – I feel more confident and good about myself when I have helped someone, and it takes my mind off my own problems! I agree with all your points, although I am not a fan of cleaning, but I do like tidying and organising – just not actual cleaning / dusting etc!

    1. Lol a lot of people probably aren’t fans of cleaning 😂😂😂 that’s just one of those weird strategies that work for me hahaha!!
      Thank you so much for stopping by to read !! ♥️

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