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1. Blogging helps depression! I have actually already written a post on that and exactly HOW it helps. Blogging actually gives you the opportunity to vent, share you story and inspire other people all around this world.

2. Extra Income! You can easily make pocket change from blogging but if you’re really serious about wanting your blog to be successful .. you can become a full-time blogger and make a lot of good money! It’s hard work though! I will tell you that and it takes time. It’s definitely not a get rich quick scheme.

3. Blogging gives you the opportunity to make new friends !! You might think that sounds crazy because you’re making friends with people online but at least it helps with the loneliness! I have personally enjoyed connecting with other people who I have yet to meet in person but have a lot of the same things in common with me.

4. Learn New Things – in the world of blogging, you also have the opportunity to LEARN new things from other people and their cultures !! I love it and I think it’s neat! I have really enjoyed connecting with people from Nigeria and I’ve been blown away by some of the things I’ve learned about their culture! Absolutely amazing.

5. Encourage Others & Share Your Story– Blogging offers you the opportunity to share your story and encourage people ALL OVER THIS WORLD !! You’d be surprised by the amount of people who will actually find healing in your words and your very own personal testimony.

6. Blogging is a GREAT way to promote your business if you have one.

7. Gain Influence – What’s the best way to change the world? You could become a politician, activist or volunteer… OR you could become a blogger! A successful blogger gains a wide audience of people who trust and respect them. The more of a positive influence you have on people, the bigger the impact will be too!

There’s much more to blogging than it just being a hobby in case you were ever wondering! It’s meant to generate awareness about YOU and your brand if you have one. It’s just an overall positive thing, in my opinion! Thanks for stopping by to read and I hope this post gave you a little more insight on the purpose of blogging!!

32 thoughts on “7 BENEFITS OF BLOGGING!

    1. I’m amazed at the friendships I’ve made here in the atmosphere of blogging! I’ve learned so much from so many people and it’s fun!! I enjoy it so much ♥️ & I’ve just started on the income part! I’m EXCITED and I’m praying for great results on this journey now that I’m self hosted !!

  1. Thanks for another great post! I’m really loving blogging but I’m braaaand new. I look forward to sitting down and writing everyday. Sometimes I don’t even know what’s going to come out—it just does! It’s an incredible emotional outlet. I’m hoping to meet new people, learn more, and experience the benefits you’re describing! Xoxo

    1. Thanks for reading !! ♥️
      Blogging is SO MUCH fun !! The more you grow in it, the better the opportunities are but I have really met some amazing people along the way before I started my blog over and went self hosted. I’m looking forward to meeting new people now and learning a lot more of interesting things!

    1. Lol it kind of takes a little while to get use to and even to get the ball rolling with money but once it’s going … you got it !! ♥️
      Thanks for dropping by!!

  2. These were call excellent! My favorite was actually helping with depression. Blogging is a really great way to get a lot of stuff off your subconscious mind so that you can think more clearly. Even if you don’t publish the blogs right away or at all, it just helps to get it all out sometimes! Much easier to analyze on paper lol

  3. You my dear couldn’t be more right with all the benefits you shared. Blogging has helped me so much and I am thankful for the friendships I have made. I have shared what I have been going through and it hasn’t been easy, but being able to share my feelings on my blog has really made a huge difference. You are a pretty amazing lady and I am always thankful for you!

    1. Thanks Alyssa !!! 💜💜
      I always appreciate your comments so much !! I too have made so many friends and have had the privilege of connecting with some amazing people like you!!

  4. This is all so true. While I’m waiting to experience the other benefits of blogging, in the short time that I’ve been blogging, I’ve met some amazing people from all corners of the earth and it’s so amazing how genuine the blogging community is. Thanks for the read

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