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7 Reasons Why You Haven’t Achieved Your Dreams & Goals Yet!

There are people out here who have dreams, chase them and give up soon after not getting the results they were looking for. There are some who believe in their dreams, continue to chase them but have yet to achieve the level of success they working for. Then there are those who have dreams and don’t chase them at all. Have you ever wondered why?

Me personally, I’m one of those who believes in her dreams and continues to chase them nonstop with full blown God confidence!! I’d be lying if I said I don’t have moments of discouragement and wonder why the heck I still haven’t gotten to where I’m really trying to go in life! Like .. I am literally so tired of looking in my wallet and not seeing twenty thousand dollars! hahaha!

But no really, I was just sitting one day in one of my moments of solitude thinking to myself about WHY I still have not reached that level of success that I so desperately keep working towards!?! I’m a very a honest person and I’m not gonna sit here and write this blog post like I just have it all together because I don’t! Now grant it, I am pretty driven and very determined but until I reach my ultimate goals in life .. I won’t be satisfied!

So anyway, I was sitting there contemplating.. thinking about my own journey to success and even other people that I know personally who have some of biggest dreams but aren’t succeeding and here’s what I came up with! It’s a combination of things!


A dream without a plan is and will always be just a “dream”. Joel A. Barker said it best, “Action without vision just passes the time but vision with action can change the world!” So in other words, you gotta put some grind behind that dream baby!


I know some people who have some of the biggest and most beautiful dreams and the crazy thing is that I could actually see them doing it and living that life but sadly, they lack confidence. When you finally get your mind made up that you’re gonna work hard to make your dreams a reality, confidence is probably one the number one things you need to have! You gotta have so much confidence in your dream that when other people say it’s impossible or you can’t do it, your heart or mentality will automatically say and believe otherwise!!


Now this is where a lot of us mess up! We aren’t consistent enough!! I challenged myself at the beginning of this year to be MORE CONSISTENT in everything that I did so that I could see what kind of results I got if I didn’t give up, slack too much or quit too soon and I’m gonna say this because it’s been a lesson well learned … 6 months of hardcore focus and alignment can put you 5 years ahead in life!! Never underestimate the power of consistency and desire!! As of today, we aren’t 6 months into this year yet but I’ve been working my butt off and not slacking as much as I usually do and let me just tell you.. the benefits of just being consistent are so worth it! It’s hard but worth it!!


If the people around you don’t make you want to step your game up, THEN YOU NEED TO MOVE AROUND!! Whoever said, “the company you keep does have an influence and impact on your choices” was right !! If you want a successful future, it is IMPORTANT to surround yourself with people who have dreams, desires and ambition!! Hear me clearly when I say it because those are the very ones who will push you towards your destiny even while they’re pushing for their own!! Be mindful of who you hang around and who you let be around you!


Be careful who you share your dreams and visions with! Not everyone is as happy and supportive of you like you think they are. This is a tough truth but it’s real one. There are some people out there who are jealous; they’ll do whatever they can to beat you to the punch line and furthermore try and take credit for YOUR ideas. There are some people out there who really don’t want to see you make it. They wanna see you do good but start hating when they feel like you’re doing better than them and that’s when they become dangerous. People like that will break your heart. As a matter of fact, they’ll surprise you because that type of behavior always comes from the ones you LEAST expect it from!! You don’t have to love them any less and there’s no need to treat them any differently. Just be careful about the things you share when it comes to your future. Not everybody needs to know every little detail to what you plan on doing. There’s some stuff you just need to keep between you and God. Not everyone deserves such deep and personal access to certain parts of you!


One of the reasons why some people will never achieve their dreams and goals is because they give up too soon. Patience is necessary and often times, MINE gets a workout when I don’t see results as soon as I’d like to but one thing that I am constantly reminded of is that our timing is NOT God’s time!! At the end of the day, HE knows what you need, when you need it, what you want and if it’s in His Will for you to have it or not. Ultimately, HE knows what’s best. You’re not going to rush God so whatever it is that you’re waiting for, you may as well learn to wait well! πŸ™‚ Keep working! I promise you that in due season, God will exalt you!


Have you ever heard the saying, “Sometimes it’s not about what you know but it’s about WHO you know!” That is such a TRUE statement! Sometimes, the reason some people don’t make it very far is because they aren’t always connected to the right people. To a certain extent it seems a little unfair but at the same time if you network like you’re supposed to then you’ll come across and meet some amazing people in high places without even realizing it! In some seasons, your FAVOR will be in your connections!! Your way forward will be connected to those God has chosen to be with you on your way up! There is nothing like divine connections! There are no coincidences with God!!

I’m sure there’s a world of reasons why so many people don’t ever actually achieve their dreams and goals but these are my top 7 reasons why! If you’d like to add anything, let me know in the comments !! Thanks so much for reading and coming through to show me some love today!!

40 thoughts on “7 Reasons Why You Haven’t Achieved Your Dreams & Goals Yet!

    1. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ you always make me laugh! You are so silly !! & thanks B !! ❀️ I appreciate your comments! You’re a genuine person!

          1. I’d be lying if I said I’m doing good so I won’t say it just for the sake of it. I’m pretty worn out at the moment and desperately waiting for a miracle. I have to turn the autopilot on like everyday, go to work and get back home.πŸ˜‚
            I’m glad to have you too! How’s your evening so far, Therapy girl?

          2. Awhh ☹️ it’ll get BETTER! I promise! Bad days can’t last forever !!

            & my evening has been quite peaceful! My children didn’t make me wanna pull my hair out so it’s all good πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  1. Despite whatever things I might have lacked in my lifetime, I always had wonderful careers and my own successful businesses. You have to believe that you can do whatever it is you set out to do, and that you are well qualified for it. You also have to think about what your clients want and need and whether what you want to charge is going to bring you business, or fill your pocket for the short term, but lose you business in the long term. I am 77 now, and have worked as an archaeologist, a journalist/editor for several community and specialty newspapers, had my own business as a graphic artist/typesetter, got into my own businesses as a quality assurance manager/auditor, worked as a quality assurance specialist for a major manufacturer of plasma derivative products, ran a small, specialized publishing company, and finally, worked as a substitute aide, paraeducator, and teacher for special needs children and young people in the school districts. I forgot too that I founded and ran for some 10 years a very small but successful 501 (c)(3) nonprofit to assist physically challenged fiber artists with getting good exposure for their work and also teaching them professional development. I really enjoyed every bit of work I ever did, some more than others, and it has been a joyful life that has been successful. Now I am a professional author and have written a number of articles, a research paper, and have one book published, and one in its 3rd revision, and I am also a professional appraiser of of textiles and quilts and have been for some 22 years on the side, and I make and sometimes sell my own art quilts and display them when it appeals to me. I don’t like to be competitive at all, and I am extremely ethical in everything I do. So for me, just believing that I can do whatever I make up my mind to do and do it well has always been how I have functioned, and giving my best to the people who are my clients, or who I am working for is important too. I don’t just think of my own needs, but of theirs as well. I have never been at a lack for work wherever I have elected to work or whatever I have elected to do. It has been a joy for me to be able to look back and show my children that we can do whatever we make up our minds to do. I don’t intend to retire any time in the near future; I will always find something I still want to do in this lifetime. Thank you kindly.

    1. WOW !!!!!
      You are truly INSPIRING & I just pray that when I see that age, I’m still just as motivated and determined as you are !! πŸ™ŒπŸ½ Literally, you are a phenomenal example of what success looks like when you truly believe in YOURSELF !! ❀️ Thanks so much for commenting, Queen !! I hope everyone who needs this encouragement also sees Your comment !!

  2. I forgot to say that at 74, I graduated from a 2nd university, this one online. I had cancer in 2016 and surgery in May that year, and graduated in October in the same year in Criminal Justice. I wanted to be a mentor/advocate for juvenile delinquents, and if I cannot do that, I can work with foster youths. Yes, I am proud of the things I have accomplished, and I have had one wonderful ride on the merry-go-round of life. Thank you again.

  3. Such a good post! I’m tired of looking in my wallet and not seeing $20K too, haha. All of these reasons are why I am now in my 40s and don’t have the life I want. But no more! I am now fighting all of these reasons tooth and nail to become what I want to be. It’s been 3 months and I won’t lie it’s a struggle sometimes. However, I am determined and still working hard towards my goals.

  4. Fantastic post!! I think patience is a big issue for most people. We live in day in age where 90% of the population is used to instant gratification and expect it for every single thing, including their dreams. Patience truly is key to most goals.

    Thank you for sharing! Loved it!

    1. I agree with you on that !! Most of us think it’s supposed to happen right away (including me sometimes) great point ! Thanks for reading and commentingπŸ’•

  5. So accurate!! People are so quick to quit and we often forget everyone started off somewhere. We all have failures but if we really want to achieve our dreams we must keep persevering!
    Thank you for sharing with us.

    1. Amen sister !! πŸ™ŒπŸ½ I agree!! I have to keep reminding myself of that along the way too!! Thanks so much for reading and commenting !!

  6. I loved this post! I have so many goals I want to achieve in life but anxiety and confidence is really holding me back. I’m trying my best to overcome this and to achieve my dreams. Thank you for posting this it was really helpful ❀️❀️❀️

    1. In all honesty, the journey does get stressful sometimes!! I’m with you on that but no matter how hard it is, it’s still possible ❀️ thank you for reading and commenting sweet lady!

  7. Nice post, Jessica! I like your list because it includes things I hadn’t considered. For example, I tend to not be very guarded with my ideas; sharing them with whoever as a way to stimulate some productive conversation. But I suppose one does have to be careful about who they trust. As always, thank you for sharing your thoughts and ideas.

    Mind and Love

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