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7 Secrets of CONFIDENT People!


Confident people function very well without the validation of other people. They could literally care less about other people’s opinions when it comes to their fashion, hairstyles, trends they like, brands they choose to rock, or whatever … they do not care !!


Confident people don’t mind cheering for others! Why? Because they understand that it’s enough room for everybody to shine! There are no benefits in being a hater but there are several benefits in being supportive! They have no problem with celebrating the success of others without questioning their own!


Generally speaking, confident people don’t waste time putting others down because they’re comfortable in their own skin. They’re not perfect and I’m sure they have their moments but overall, they prefer to treat others with kindness and be supportive.


Believe it or not but confidence shows clearly in a person’s body language! They generally walk with their head up, have good posture and appear confident by maintaining eye contact in social interactions. Not only does good eye contact show that you’re interested in what the next person is talking about but it also shows that you’re comfortable.

S M I L E S !!

Confident people always treat life positively and share their good mood & smiles with people around them. It really doesn’t matter if they know these people or not. Highly confident people can easily deal with strangers too. They believe that the power of a smile can help them get on that positive wave! Smiles are contagious !!


Confident people freely give praise to others! When they notice something nice or positive about a person , they compliment them! Truly confident people are extremely genuine and honest in giving compliments. They generally pay attention to the good qualities in other people and give credit where credit is due. By doing so, they help others develop their own confidence and that’s amazing!


Life consists of different situations and you’re not always at your best. However, the mockery and slick comments of people around cannot make a you feel insecure when you’re confident because you are absolutely sure that you might not be the best but you’re most certainly not the worst! Sometimes when confident people get into a stupid situation, they try to handle it with the help of humor! (I personally posses that quality myself and it does help when you can just laugh things off!)

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42 thoughts on “7 Secrets of CONFIDENT People!

          1. Several measures have been undertaken in the past to bypass the barrier but nothing seemed to work.
            Fake it to make it became keep making the faking and hiya there, milady, here I am.

          2. Keep working on it boo !! You got this !! πŸ’ž really its always gonna be a work in progress. Once you gain confidence, you gotta do the necessary to keep it!

          3. Thanks for pumping it up.πŸ˜‚
            It might take a lifetime, so strap on the seat belt and keep watching.
            Everytime I gained confidence, something robbed me of it.
            This time I’m calling for reinforcements.😎

  1. What an empowering post! I would say I am quite a confident person although I think I need to work on my body language more! Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  2. I’ve been working on my confidence for years! I used to have really big self esteem issues. Complimenting others and making positive affirmations was a big thing for me!

    1. I have found that there’s power in complimenting others! While you’re boosting your their confidence it also helps you to boost your own πŸ’• thanks so much for reading and commenting !!

  3. Working in an international school I’ve really noticed compliments are quite a cultural thing. Some cultures such as Americans seem to give compliments much easier than the awkward Brit’s. And Typically Eastern European’s say exactly what they think.

    There’s some great points here and I defo think not worrying about about looking silly is an important one!

    Thanks for sharing


  4. I think the body language is very important indeed, for appearing confident but also to boost our confidence!
    I read (don’t remember where, sorry!) that we should all practice and own a signature power pose that we could use when we lack confidence and need a boost. Seemed a very good advice to me!

    1. Thank you so much !! 🌸 & that’s why I’m glad to be connected to you !! I love being connected to people who can either relate or encourage the same things! You are an AMAZING blogger !!

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