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7 Ways to Rest Up & Recharge!!

Sometimes, it’s best to get away from anything that has to do with “work” even if it’s your passion. You have to know when to step away and take breaks to avoid the issue of becoming completely overwhelmed or burnt out.

In today’s post, I’m going to be sharing with you quite a few different ways to recharge. Often times, people get the action of recharging confused with lazing around all day and doing nothing but I have experienced different strategies besides one of the most popular norms .. “Netflix & Chill” haha!

  1. DO ABSOLUTELY NO HOUSE WORK! You can’t fully relax if you’re still up being a busy body! Since I’m the Mom, I’m the one that’s responsible for preparing dinner. So the only exception I’ll make to doing house work on these days is washing the dishes and that’s only because I refuse to cook anything with dirty dishes in the sink!
  2. UNAVAILABLE TO ANYONE WHO DOESN’T LIVE IN MY HOUSE UNLESS IT’S AN EMERGENCY! Sometimes, in order to really enjoy your space, get some REST, peace and quiet you have to cancel plans, say no or just simply don’t answer the phone! One thing I’ve learned is that there will always be something going on…parties, gatherings, events, etc and you can easily get drained just by trying to attend every single one of them. It’s okay to miss some of them to rest up and recharge!
  3. DATE NIGHT! If you’re married or in a relationship, sometimes it’s physically refreshing to get out of the house and enjoy a good night out on the town!
  4. QUALITY TIME WITH FRIENDS! I’ve even found it to be quite fun and refreshing to hang out with friends who invite lots of laughter!! My girls and I don’t get to do this often but I absolutely love when can get together, enjoy a few glasses of wine, catch up and laugh til our stomachs hurt !!
  5. HOBBY! Most people find relaxation in doing something they LOVE! For example, I value my blog, I’m passionate about it and work on it every chance I get. It’s relaxing to me!
  6. MUSIC! Music is just one of those things that’s super therapeutic! I use it for motivation in the gym, at home while cleaning, and to lift my spirits but I also listen to it in moments of just chilling.
  7. NETFLIX & CHILL! Netflix and chill is such a popular classic but it IS one of my all time favs! I love Netflix. As a matter of fact, in my time of relaxing.. I catch up on ALL of my favorite shows!!

You may not agree that these are all ways to recharge but the goal of this particular post is to show you that there are indeed other ways to recharge and come back feeling refreshed before the start of another week or day! Sometimes, it’s more than just laying around and doing nothing. Sometimes, recharging means genuinely having a good time! Thanks so much for stopping by to read today! Your company is always appreciated here!!

37 thoughts on “7 Ways to Rest Up & Recharge!!

  1. Numbers 1 and 6 really resonated with me as house work is something I don’t intentionally abandon, but from time to time, it just slips my mind. And music, it’s just a great escapism! Loved your post! 😊

    1. Speaking of books … I literally made a stop at the book store yesterday and started reading lastnight !! That was actually pretty relaxing too! I forgot all about that!

  2. These are good and ways that people wouldn’t necessarily think of as relaxing and resting! Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  3. You know I am chronically behind with being able to read and comment on post and I am so sorry for that! As always Jessica, this was some great advice that I am going to try to take from now on! I have been so worn out after working full-time again and need to find was to rest and recharge. Thank you so much for this!!!

    1. Lol it’s okay girl! I understand! Working a full time job on top of blogging is HARD and I know you’re probably having to adjust ❀️ no worries! I appreciate you still reading, commenting, stopping by and showing me some loveee! You rock!!

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