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9 Side Hustles That Will Make You Extra Money!

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m definitely an “entrepreneur” type of person! I don’t mind working for other people but I’d really rather work for myself. I like to be my own boss & honestly .. that’s one of my biggest goals I’m striving for but until then .. I make it work with my side hustles!!

If you love making extra money on the side then this post is for you! I’ve included some of my own side hustles along with ones I don’t use but I know they work really good for some other people!

Create a blog!

Blogging is fun but it can also be a side hustle for passive income if you don’t want to make a full blown career out of it. There’s plenty of ways to monetize your blog and I’ve discovered that it’s much easier if you’re with a self hosted service. I’ve been with SiteGround for almost five months now and they haven’t disappointed me yet! Anyway, blogging is a good side hustle if you’re really committed to making money from it.

YouTube Channels .

If you’re really good at something and you’re really good in front of a camera, then YouTube Channels are good side hustles too! I can’t tell you too much about the money making part of it because I’m camera shy and have no experience but I know a few people who actually do very good with it! I wanna say your income with YouTube depends on your subscribers, likes, and views but I’m not entirely too sure! Like I said though, if you love the camera and it loves you back.. this is a good fun hustle!


If you’re the type of person that’s good at doing hair, makeup or nails, then start doing it and charging people money for it! Now don’t charge them an arm and leg if you don’t have a license but don’t let people take advantage of them either.

Arts & Crafts

Believe it or not, but there’s some really good money in crafting! FYI: I have a love for crafting and making burlap door wreaths in particular 🙂 Last year, I made over $2000! It’s one of the best side hustles I’d ever had! I ended up quitting because I felt like those that knew me personally started trying to take advantage of me and it really became overwhelming!! So I stopped trying to make a business out of it and went back to making it a hobby. I said all of that to say this .. if you’re creative then use it to your own advantage! There’s real money in that kind of stuff if you’re smart about how you manage the business part of it.

Event Coordinator/Decorator

This one is a fun side hustle! If you’re creative and have great ideas when it comes to decorating and preparing for big events such as birthday parties, weddings, baby showers and etc then this is something you should look into! I have a few friends that do this. Some are seasonal and some do it when they’re asked if they’re not promoting themselves but they honestly make good money from it!


This might sound so crazy BUT I have discovered that there are websites out there that will PAY YOU MONEY to take their surveys and give honest opinions! Branded Surveys is my fav! I cashed out with them a couple of times last year and made roughly a total of $350. Yes, it’s time consuming but it’s also good little hustle if you’re committed to making easy money! Survey Junkie is a good one too! Both of these survey sites have minimum payout of $10.

Write a Book

If you have a love for writing .. write your own book, get it published and sell it!


Create an asset that you can sell again and again that isn’t limited by your time. Build authority, credibility, and experience. People trust businesses that teach others. If you know you are good at something and others can genuinely learn from you, then you should definitely look into this! I’ve actually been considering this myself, I just don’t have time right now.


I’ve recently discovered that you make real money with whether it’s getting cash back, couponing.. I know I have one fitness app now that pays you money for every single step you take outdoors! I’m not gonna go into too much detail on this particular part of the post but here a few I persona;;y use on a daily/weekly basis: Ibotta, Ebates & Sweatcoin! I encourage you to check them out.

There are no downsides to a side hustle. There are only benefits to building more than one source of income! Always remember that. Thanks for stopping by to visit my blog today!!

21 thoughts on “9 Side Hustles That Will Make You Extra Money!

    1. Lol Survey Junkie is a little tougher than Branded Surveys but the fact that the payout isn’t very high gives hope lol thanks for reading and commenting!

  1. Nice post Jessie! My husband is working on an e-course for people that want to learn Egyptian Arabic and it’s very time consuming yes, but exciting and great to connect with people we can help. Love your suggestions.

  2. Absolutely brilliant advice Jessica! I am like you and a little (a lot) camera shy! My husband has recommended doing a YouTube channel for a while now, but I keep saying no. Not only am I camera shy, but I also criticize myself and my looks. I know I sound like a crazy person, but I guess that is just me!

  3. Love this!! Even if you aren’t looking to be an Entrepreneur full time, I think more people should start looking to side hustles to supplement income. I am very much like you in that I want to be fully responsible for the money I make, so far, I haven’t found myself 100% in a job working for someone else. I am looking to write ebooks & courses in future! I love coming up with new ideas and different income streams I can look into!

    1. I fully agree with you !!! Books & E-Courses are fantastic ideas and I hope you excel in them !!! ❤️😍 thanks so much for reading and commenting !!

  4. I’m no good at hair, so I’ll skip the hairdressing! I plan on making an e-book later in the year (currently in the planning stages), and look forward to rolling it out just in time for the winter.

    These are all wonderful ideas though. I’ll definitely have to look into incorporating more into my blog.

    – Nyxie

    1. Lol I suck at doing hair too! I’m only responsible for MINE!! 😂😂 and I think you’re gonna write a phenomenal book! You already have such a great story to tell and I’m sure that so many people will find healing in your wounds!! ❤️

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