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BLOGGING: The Benefits of Networking!

In the world of blogging, NETWORKING is one of the most important steps you have to take in order to have a successful blog. Most people think networking is simply the action of reaching out to readers just enough to gain more traffic and views to their blog. Unfortunately, that is incorrect! There might be a slight increase in traffic for a few days but shortly after that, you’ll see that doing the minimum isn’t enough.

Networking is about building relationships. It’s about building trust as well as loyalty so they’ll keep coming back to support you in the future going forward. Networking is not only about the love people show you, but it’s also the action of YOU making sure that same love is reciprocated back to them on a daily basis!

When you build relationships like this in terms of blogging, it can benefit you in three different ways:

  1. You create your own little community of people you can relate to as well as those in your same niche!
  2. You make real friends and connections.
  3. You get the benefit of them being regular traffic to your blog and vice versa! You get to help each other grow as long as the love and support is reciprocated between the two of you!

Networking requires consistency. It’s an important part of communication when it comes to blogging! No matter how up and down your blog stats are, if you network and do it on a daily basis.. your stats will at least stay at a steady number on a bad day instead of just dropping completely. So if you’re struggling with your networking skills then my goal today is to help you with that by providing some of my own networking strategies. For me, it’s really simple. I do these three things consistently!


Sometimes, it’s hard to find blogs that actually interest me enough to sit there and read. So since I have WordPress, one of things I do is go to my “Reader” tab and then I drop down on the left sidebar and add a tag and search for particular blog posts that way. That makes it easier for me to find bloggers within my same niche to connect with. I’ll normally read a few of their post and then comment. I give feedback AND then I introduce myself, my blog and invite them to connect with me… simple! What’s the worst they could do? Not reply? I do this several times a week and I think probably 3 out 20 of them don’t reply or comment back. That’s not bad!


Not only is Social Media good for generating traffic to my blog, it’s also a GREAT way for me to keep up with a lot of my most active blog friends that host their blogs on different platforms like bloglovin, wixsite, godaddy, or for example. Because I’m on WordPress, I don’t get to see their new content on my Reader Newsfeed and I rarely ever check my email for the new posts either. I’m just going to be honest. My inbox is overwhelming sometimes!

So when I see them posting and promoting their new content daily on SM Platforms like Twitter, it’s just easier for me to click to their site from there and read! I always leave positive feedback and somewhere after my comment, I leave a link to my newest post for that day inviting them to come visit whenever they get the chance! It’s just a strategy I use to encourage those particular bloggers to stay connected with me. Most of the time.. it works! The blogging community on Twitter is EXTREMELY SUPPORTIVE of one another. I love it!


Something I try to do at least 3xs a week is scroll down my subscriber list, visit each one of their sites, leave positive feedback and link to my newest post.

This is a very time consuming thing to do and not always easy because my list is constantly growing but I have found it to be both necessary and worth it. Why would you want to connect with someone and only interact with them once or twice to gain the follow but never interact with them again? You think you’re doing good because your subscriber list is pretty big yet you have little to no interaction or feedback on any of your blog posts… that makes you look kind of bad as a blogger because it looks like you don’t care about the people who actually follow you. That’s poor networking.

Now, in all honesty, sometimes the interactions aren’t always high because bloggers go inactive all the time on their own blog. If they’re not showing their blog any attention, then chances are they’re probably not worried about yours either. That’s just a part of the game but I think it’s very important that you at least still try to do your part in keeping communication!

Networking plays a big role in keeping you busy with your blog but that’s okay because it is VERY beneficial! There are most certainly many other ways to network but these are the top three I do daily/weekly! I hope this helps! Thanks for reading!!

57 thoughts on “BLOGGING: The Benefits of Networking!

  1. This is really useful advice! I completely agree with the social media thing; Twitter is primarily how I keep up to date with people’s blogs as my email is quite busy and I don’t always have time to look through the WordPress reader.

  2. Hi Jessica! Think my phone is messing up so couldn’t comment earlier, I’m now on laptop…
    A great blog… Yes, networking is a hugh part of blogging & actually takes more time than writing a post! I used to network on Twitter but found people weren’t actually clicking on the post link, same on Facebook! I find the best place to network is on WordPress. Where have you had success?

    1. That’s okay girl ! My phone cuts up like that too! 😜 I totally agree with networking being a massive step that’s necessary in taking!
      On Twitter, I find a lot of people on the different little blog follow trains. I’ve noticed that most bloggers don’t actually advertise their new content on their actual Twitter page but they’ll put them in the blog trains so I swap back and forth with them that way.
      I’ve had success honestly on both WordPress and social media! Even Pinterest!

    1. Thanks for the advice. I don’t network nearly enough. I do love the WordPress reader, but I have never used the search tool. I definitely will be now though. And I am still pretty new on Twitter, but it’s my top social media right now. I love how most bloggers try to help one another. If only the rest of the world could figure this out.

      1. Sometimes I use the search bar in reader and sometimes I just click on the tags ♥️ thank you so much for reading and commenting! I hope this post was helpful

  3. I love the idea of visiting your subscriber list and returning love that way, I never thought of that! These are great ideas and something I really struggle with so I appreciate the advice 🙂

  4. I completely agree with you! Great networking plays a significant role in successful blogging! I am learning it, and your post is really helpful! Thank you for sharing your experience with us!♥️

  5. These are some great tips, especially about utilizing social media and going through your bloggers’ sites. I will definitely use these this month to expand my engagement.

    1. Thank you !! It makes a world of difference in your traffic when you pay attention to your followers blogs too ♥️ I appreciate you stopping by to read and comment !!

    1. I really enjoyed your blog and I appreciate you taking the time to visit my blog!! ♥️ thanks for connecting with me! I look forward to reading more of your posts daily!!

  6. I really enjoyed your blog. And I want to say thank your for visiting my blog!! And thanks for connecting with me. I’m looking forward to read and learn more thanks.

  7. Love this post! I am a beginning blogger but definitely relate to your post and going the extra mile to establish a connection. One thing I try to do on Twitter is reply to new followers. I know lots of people do this but I try to go a bit further by visiting their site, if they have one, and mention a detail from their site. It’s time consuming but I like it a little better than the standard thank you so and so for the follow.”

    Thanks for sharing this. Also I, I like your writing.

    1. Yessss , I sooo AGREE with you !! To go the extra mile is time consuming until you get quicker at it but it’s also definitely worth it in the future !! 🙌🏽 it help keeps your traffic at a steady number if nothing else !! Thank you so much for reading , stopping by and commenting !! I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts !! ♥️

  8. GIRL YAS! I never understood networking properly until I began blogging. The idea to go through your subscribers, and using WordPress’ app to find ways to share the love is a great one!

  9. Loved reading this post! Twitter IS the best community for bloggers and engaging so key to success!! So happy to find and follow your blog! Happy Saturday lovely!

  10. Making friends has been one of the biggest rewards as I’ve been blogging this past year. It makes blogging so much less lonely and is helpful during periods when blog stats don’t meet expectations!

    1. I agree! ♥️ I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some absolutely amazing people & I think it’s so cool to read and learn about other people’s cultures from different parts of the world 💙 I’m glad you and I are connected!! You have a really sweet spirit!!

  11. Networking helps a lot! As a blogger I rely on this so much. Personally for me, I think Twitter has the most amazing bloggers’ community. I learnt so much from so many wonderful people. Thanks for sharing this post.

    1. It’s definitely a critical part of having a successful blog ! I love the bloggers on Twitter!! It’s probably where I interact the most !! 💙 thanks for reading and commenting!!

  12. I totally agree with the advice you have given here. Blogging is so much more than writing your own posts on your own blog. Networking is the heart of blogging. At first, I kept comparing my blog to others (still do sometimes-its a hard habit to break). But, then I found twitter and my life changed. It seems no one is really competitive, it is all about raising each other up and sharing with each other. Most importantly, learning from each other. Honestly, I always thought that leaving your own link on another bloggers comments was kind of an iffy thing to do. However, I’m so glad that you did! I noticed you have been commenting and I thought I better check her blog out and return the love. So glad I did. I love your blog- you are doing a wonderful job here!

    1. Awhh thank you so much Suzanne !! ♥️ Your comment means so much to me!! To leave your link to me is just an invitation ☺️ thank you so much for supporting my blog and showing me love!!

  13. Great idea! I’ve always been wary about promoting my blog or asking people to go and look at my posts as I was worried about being too forward or something. I always just left it in God’s/Yah’s hands and let him direct the people to it that He wanted to look at my stuff. I don’t mind others asking me to read their posts, just haven’t been too keen on doing it myself.
    But this time, I’ll do a little promoting 🙂
    Here is the link to my latest short story on “Racheal’s Novels” which is called “The Icy Depths” for anyone to go and read if they want:
    Here is the link to the first chapter of my latest novel I am posting on “Racheal’s Novels” called “The Inside Job”, that anyone can go and read if they want:

    1. In my first year of blogging, before I started over, I use to think that asking or inviting people to view my “newest posts” would maybe be kind of annoying but at surprisingly I’ve never gotten that reaction from anybody. Besides, what’s the worst they could say? No? Even if they did, that’s okay because there’s a million other bloggers out there to still connect with and build genuine friendships with ♥️ thanks for reading and commenting!

  14. Hi! I appreciated this post!! Thanks for the tips. I found them very helpful and will definitely start implementing them myself!

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