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Despite the Haters.. Be Great Anyway!

The people you expect to congratulate you on your success will truly surprise you! That’s okay though. You have ALL the support you need in order to move on to the next level. You can’t force people to be happy for you. To be happy for you means they would need to be happy for what is happening in your life right now. They can’t be happy for you with right now if they never thought you would be great or get what you have going on. And it’s disheartening especially when it’s those that you’re close to that seem to be sour about your “come up” but one thing you gotta remember is that everybody can’t go to the next level with you! 

Be careful not to mix the seasonal people with the lifetime ones. Some people pass through our lives for a season to teach us lessons that could never be learned if they stayed. You don’t have to let people go completely but you don’t need to let them distract you either. Love from a distance if necessary and keep going! Don’t let folks break you down because you are greater than what they make you out to be. They want you to fail so they can say you’re just like them. Sometimes people hurt you because they need somebody on their same level but in spite of that you keep going! Be more concerned about where you’re going rather than who is not going with you. Don’t worry about that. God will put the people in your life that need to be there!

One thing that so many people fail to realize is that God is NOT going to stop blessing somebody just because YOU don’t like them! God loves your enemies the same way He loves you. So the concept that you need to grasp here is that .. THEIR HATING WILL NEVER BE ENOUGH TO STOP THE HAND OF GOD. You are who God says you are and you can have whatever He says you can have! What’s for you will always be YOURS and what other people think about it is really none of your concern. So keep doing what you do best. Keep chasing your dreams. Keep being great!  

Thanks for coming through to vibe with me today blog babes!

40 thoughts on “Despite the Haters.. Be Great Anyway!

    1. Lol “haters gonna hate” is such a true statement though!! 💯
      Thanks for reading my post and connecting with me here in the lovely world of blogging !! I really enjoyed reading your post!!

  1. It’s sad that there are haters but I truly agree to just be great anyway! Carry on and let the haters hate🙌😊 they don’t hate you, they hate the fact you are what they want to be!!!! ✌❤

    1. Right !! 💯
      They wanna see you do good but never better than them !! Jealousy is so unhealthy! There’s enough room for everyone to shine but some don’t realize that! They’ll learn it at some point though !! Thanks for commenting 💕

  2. Every word of this post is SO true! I think there are way too many haters in this world and it is often hard to not pay them any attention. I told my husband the other day that I think the haters in this world are just feel disappointed with themselves and push those feelings onto other trying to bring them down as well, but I guess I could be wrong.

    1. What a coincidence!! lol ♥️ there are no benefits in being a hater however there are many in benefits in being supportive!!
      Thanks for stopping by to read !!

  3. I have friends and family like this and I don’t even want to tell them when something good happens because their negativity can be relentless! It’s like you said it’s not that I want to cut them off 100% but I definitely want positive and encouraging people in my life. (New Friends)
    Thanks for this post–lifted me up!

    1. GIRLLL , I CAN RELATE !!! 👏🏽👏🏽 Some of my biggest haters are in my family and I’m just like whhhyyyy!?! 🤦🏽‍♀️ Like I said earlier the ppl you expect to congratulate you will truly surprise you! I’ve learned and sometimes still reminded that .. it’s OKAY!! ♥️ it’s a part of God’s Journey for ME!
      Thanks for reading and commenting!! 😘

  4. I loovveee this!! You are so right, no one is powerful enough to alter God’s plan for our lives! He has something great in store for all of us, if we trust and believe in Him He will lead us there. Girl, keep up the good work! This has inspired me so much!❤️

  5. Such a great post! Anyone who has time to “hate” obviously has nothing else better to do with their time and energy. Such a great reminder to keep pushing forward!

  6. I like your point about seasonal and lifetime people. I think sometimes we rely on seasonal people then feel disappointed when they leave us behind or make no effort.

    Georgia –

    1. Thank you!!
      Sometimes it’s hard to get seasonal ppl mixed up with lifetime ones though. I know I have before and it broke my heart but I learned a lesson it. Thanks for stopping by to read my post !! ♥️ I look forward to checking out your site!

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