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Dream Chasing 101: If You Really Want It, Work For It!

What’s the difference between you and successful entrepreneurs? You could state the obvious and say, “Oh it was easy for them because they already had someone in their corner who was willing and financially stable enough to invest in them.” You might even go on to say that the reason those entrepreneurs are so successful is because the amount of support they had, especially in the beginning.

But what about the entrepreneurs that didn’t have anyone in their corner that was willing to invest in them? When I say, “invest” I mean more than just money. I’m talking about the investment of time, energy, encouragement and support. What about the ones who are still successful in the business of entrepreneurship with little to no support from their local community but have support from everywhere else? What about those who really didn’t have the funds to invest in starting their own businesses because they were already sort of struggling trying to pay bills with their regular 9-5 day job?

Could it be that they understood sacrifice on deeper level? Could it be that they were more disciplined? Maybe they had a major love for food like you do now but understood that in order to get the funds up to invest in their own business, they would have to cut down on how much they ate out every week. Instead of eating Mexican, Chinese, Hibachi, Chick-Fil-A and McDonald’s all the time, they probably sacrificed and ate PB&J or cold turkey sandwiches! Not only is that good budgeting but it’s also phenomenal self-discipline too. That’s a whole different discussion for another blog post though!

The point I’m trying to make here is that YOU can still be successful in the Business of Entrepreneurship as long as you believe in yourself. Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside of you that is great enough to achieve whatever it is that you really want to do! Don’t worry about the support. A lot of times, that’ll come from the most unexpected people and places and it’ll outweigh the support you expected from certain people that you thought you’d get it from. Worried about the financial part of it? Understand that God will never give you a dream that actually matches your budget. He’s not checking your bank account. He’s checking your faith!! Don’t wait for opportunity. Instead, I’m encouraging you to create it.

There is absolutely no reason why you can’t be just as successful as other entrepreneurs around this world. (That’s one of the things that I tell myself everyday!) The only difference between you and them is the fact that they decided to go for it and you can too! With hard work, dedication, true commitment, self-discipline, and big faith.. you can do it!

Your talent is God’s gift to YOU. What you do with it, is your gift back to God!

31 thoughts on “Dream Chasing 101: If You Really Want It, Work For It!

  1. This is really encouraging for us new bloggers who might feel a little silly even attempting this! Thank you! 🙏

  2. What a great post, Jessica. Following your dreams can be hard, but it is certainly worth it. I loved what you said about our talent being a gift from God. That is so true. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Wanted to stop by and subscribe, after your visit to my site! I love what youre doing, and we are very much on a similar path. I look forward to more reading time!!! Stay in touch!

  4. Very motivating reading 👊🏼
    I do believe that to succeed in everything, not just business, you need to believe in yourself first.
    And don’t care about people who don’t support or agree with your decision.. they’re just to scared of doing what you’re doing to make the change.


  5. Geniuses aren’t geniuses. They’re just a little more methodical than others. And they’re that way because they’ve found something they love so much they’d rather do it than eat. But do work, search, explore, dig until you find that thing.

  6. And your smile is phenomenal and I do not say that with any other intent than to mean you look happy, sincerely, and I like happy people.

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