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How to Get Over a Bad Day

How to get over a bad day and make it a better one? How to change your perspective when you only see the bad? Here is how to shift your mood ..

Why Are You In A Bad Mood?

I mean seriously, why are you in a bad mood? What is it that has you so upset and bothered? The first thing you need to do is get to the core of how this mood or attitude even came about. Really take a minute to be honest with yourself and process why you’re actually pissed or just not feeling it. Although doing that doesn’t quite bring an immediate solution, it does bring a little bit of personal peace and it also helps put the situation in a perspective enough to where you can kind of calm down and not take it out on others. 

Manage Your Emotions!

One thing is sure: if you don’t manage your emotions then your emotions will most certainly manage you. So it’s important to stay on top of your emotions because when you don’t sometimes things tend to get out of hand and before you know it, the situation is beyond your control. So when it comes down to managing your emotions when you’re in a bad mood, I recommend “venting”. Get your emotions out some kind of way whether you decide to talk to a close friend, do it through writing (journaling) or heck just talk to yourself .. out loud!! YES, I said it! Call me weird if you want but it really does work!!

Get Over a Bad Day by Being Grateful.

Genuine gratitude has the power to change your entire mood! As a matter of fact, the next time you’re in a bad mood, just start making a mental list of the things you’re actually grateful for despite what’s currently pissing you off and watch how quickly your perspective changes!! There’s power in gratitude and there’s power in having a positive perspective.


“When you’re happy you enjoy the music but when you’re sad, you understand the lyrics.” Whoever came up with that statement was telling the whole and complete truth!! However, when you’re in a bad mood .. you don’t have to make the music match exactly how you feel. Listen to something encouraging and uplifting!


A wise person once said, “When you’re constantly frustrated, that means you’re not spending enough time in prayer.” I can’t remember exactly who that wise person was but for some reason those words have always stuck with me. I don’t care what anybody says… prayer works and the Man upstairs is real! Next time you’re in a bad mood and can’t shake it, just start randomly talking to God. It doesn’t have to be out loud and it doesn’t have to be traditional. Talk to Him in your heart, in your mind, with your thoughts and you can be anywhere! I mean really, you’d probably be surprised at some of the prayers I whisper to God as I’m walking down the halls of my day job .. “Whew Lord! I really don’t some of your people!!” hahaha!!


This part of the post is not about your daily self-care routines but when you’re having a bad day and struggling to kick a funky mood .. sometimes it really helps when you do something that genuinely RELAXES you! I’m not talking about a candlelit bubble bath (even though that is quite relaxing) go do something productively fun! Go to the gym, visit the park, play basketball, paint, write your heart out, or do some fun arts and crafts. Whatever genuinely floats your boat and takes your mind off of the bad day you’re having!

Sometimes bad days are hard to get through and bad moods are hard to kick! It’s like if you don’t take control of the mood then the mood can and will take control over you. A lot of times, people and bloggers especially like to give you all these mental health tips for bad days and etc (me included!) but the one thing some of us fail to do is give real detail on how to handle bad days for real! I hope you enjoyed and found these tips helpful! These are things that personally work for me. I hope they work for you too but if not, that’s okay! There are many other ways πŸ™‚ Thanks for stopping by to read!

24 thoughts on “How to Get Over a Bad Day

  1. This was brilliant post with fantastic information! You couldn’t be more correct with all you wrote! I try my best to figure out why I am in the mood I am in and finding ways to change. We do tend to forget that we are in control of our own emotions. Feelings are a funny thing and can be overwhelming at times. I am learning to cut people out of my life that ONLY bring negative to my mind and heart. Life is way too short to always be angry and most of the time, it isn’t worth it. I really appreciate your amazing words!!

  2. This is amazing miss Jessica!
    You’re one of the best…
    I nominated your blog and 6 others for the award, but I didn’t inform any of you because of the responsibility attached to receiving it.

    Personally, I know that creating a post can be tiring at times, and that’s something I wouldn’t want any of you to face, especially after you might have received the same or similar awards several times in the past.

    Your blogs were listed because of they are highly valuable to me.

    You can create a short blog post to receive the award!

    just wanted to let you know about the nomination.


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