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Investing in Terms of Blogging!

When talking about the word “INVESTING” in terms of blogging.. it can be a little intimidating. If blogging is something you do for fun then you can totally do it for FREE but if it’s something you want to make a career or passive income then you need to invest.

Investing in your blog is something that a lot of bloggers really don’t want to talk about and I get it! Who wants to invest in something that’s not going to give you immediate results? Some of you may be like me and don’t have money to WASTE! Seriously, I don’t have money to just throw away.. unless it’s on food of course! (just kidding) All jokes aside, it’s important for me to know that whatever I invest my money in, is actually going to work for my benefit. If invest in running a “self hosted” blog then I expect to see some self hosted results! I expect to run a blog with little to no limitations when it comes to the options of monetizing my site. If I put money into these social media platforms to promote my content, then I expect to see more traffic generated to my blog!

I mean, I’m just that type of person. If I’m investing then I need to see how it’s actually benefiting. So before we go any further into this post, I need you to decide whether or not you’re serious about making an income from blogging because if not, then this investment post isn’t for you and that’s totally okay! However, if you are at least considering it.. I have a lot of helpful information for you!!

Investing in your blog is more than just the investment of money! It’s also the investment of time and real effort!!


Blogging takes time. Just about every blogger knows that and if you don’t know .. now you do! There are no shortcuts in the blogging business. What you put in it, is what you get out of it.. literally. No get rich quick schemes here. Sorry to disappoint if I did! I’m just being real! The thing I want to address here is the INVESTMENT OF TIME that is required for you to put into your blog if you want it to be successful.

Outside of being a full-time mom, full-time wife and full-time healthcare employee.. I put in at least 50+ hours of work a week on MY BLOG! Sounds a little overwhelming right? But honestly, I enjoy blogging so much that I’m passionate about it. My spare time goes to creating new content, promoting it, and networking with other bloggers. It’s a cycle that I constantly repeat and genuinely enjoy! I’m at that point where I’d rather to work 80 hours per week for MYSELF than to keep working 40 for someone else’s company that mentally stresses me out and doesn’t satisfy me financially.

Yes, blogging takes time but the time is pointless and eventually wasted if YOU don’t put in the necessary work to create, publish and promote good content. It’s also wasted if you don’t put in the necessary time to network and connect with other bloggers.

It really takes time to build a blog. It takes time to get your blog stats where they need to be in order to get approved and cleared to work with different Ad companies. It takes time to build trust and relationships with other bloggers. It takes time to build a strong reputation for you blog and even support! It all just takes time and honestly sometimes the reality of it is really annoying in the beginning but I promise you that all of that hard work will not go in vain. You just gotta hang on in those first few months!


I’m just going to be very direct and honest with this one. The investment of effort is important too! Not just the effort you put into writing new content but the effort you actually put into the whole post!! EVERY POST. From the content, to the photos you include, tags, the title.. like EVERYTHING MATTERS!!

Genuinely do your best on each post. Don’t post “anything” just to say you posted something. Make every post you publish.. count. Write from the heart. Write about things that interest YOU. Don’t try to write about what you think other people will like otherwise your post might sound really forced and believe me, a lot of people can tell when the writing isn’t flowing naturally. The quality of your content is important and will determine the success or failure of your blog.


YAY !! – You’ve made it to the part of this post you’re probably the most curious about 🙂 I promise it’s not that bad!

One of the main reasons why investing into blogging is intimidating is because most bloggers think they have to invest hundreds of dollars up front and also huge amounts throughout the whole process BUT that isn’t true! It’s not necessary that you spend dramatic amounts of money if you’re willing to learn how to work behind the scenes of your own blog instead of paying somebody else to do it.

Side Note: I launched my blog 01/23/2019 and I’m already making money with it in less than a month with only investing roughly a total of $200 !!

SiteGround – I had my VERY FIRST BLOG hosted strictly through WordPress and as much as I love the WordPress Community, they just had entirely too many limitations and restrictions as to what I could and couldn’t do when it came down to the options of monetizing my blog. I’ll save the details for another post but let’s just say .. I didn’t like fact that the only Ad Company I could work with was “WordAds”. My blog at the time was getting at least 7,000 monthly views and they were only paying me $2.40 each month for it. (Yes, you read that correctly!)

I wasn’t happy with that so I decided to start a more independent blog with SiteGround as my hosting service to create BIGGER opportunities to earn money with my blog! Since I was new to the whole “self hosted” thing, I chose to start off with their 12 month start up plan. For a new site, new domain, storage and at least 10k monthly visitors, I paid roughly $75.00. THAT’S IT !! WordPress and other blogging platforms were already built into this package which made me super excited since I didn’t have to pay anything extra for it! (There are waay more benefits that came with that package by the way. I’m just trying not be extra in this post because it’s already super long!) BUT HEY.. You can’t beat $75!!

Photo/Quote Maker Apps: Did you know that a part of financially investing into your blog could mean investing into small things like photo, picture, meme, quote makers? YESSS!!

Personally, I love including pictures in my posts. I just feel like they bring a little more life and excitement not only to your blog but also to whatever message you intend to send to your readers through each post. Not everyone agrees but that’s OKAY!! Your Blog, Your Preference! 

In order to get approved to work with Ad Companies like Google Adsense (for example) it’s important to make sure you have no plagiarism on YOUR WEBSITE whatsoever.. that goes for both content AND pictures that are copyrighted. So instead of surfing the internet for hours trying to find the perfect picture that doesn’t have someone else’s watermark on it…. why not just create your own??

MY TWO FAVORITE APPS THAT I USE ARE: Canva (free) & Pinso Poster ($7.99 monthly! Great, cheap monthly plans that come with several different backgrounds, fonts, colors, sizes and etc to make the cutest pictures!! If you’re curious and want to test them out, they both have free trials you can do. I encourage you to give them a try!


The very BEST INVESTMENT I have made in my blog so far is with the Social Media Platform Pinterest! There are MANY ways to promote your blog through social media whether you use Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Pinterest. They’re all really good for promoting! I use Twitter A LOT and my Instagram… is a hot ass mess right now so I’m not even going to talk about that haha! However, I have found that Pinterest is just what works best for me! I was on there 24/7 anyways before I ever started blogging but the fact that I can generate traffic to my blog through there is amazing!!

I’ll go into more details later about how I’m actually making money through Pinterest with my blog for anyone who’s interested in knowing or needs the help but for now I will tell you this… I’ve invested into promoting my pins that I create on that platform! It’s NOT expensive if you don’t make it expensive. You can spend as little as $1 per day for one pin to be promoted for 5-30 days (however long you choose) and Pinterest will promote the fire out of your pin and drive traffic to your blog!

To give you a little insight here – I’m currently promoting two different pins right now that I created. I’m paying up to $5 a day for each one of them at the most which comes up to be 10 cents per click that I get to my blog from my pin. (I know that probably just confused you even more!) I started this campaign ONE WEEK AGO and my traffic has seriously increased by an extra 200 daily views per day! That’s MAJOR progress for me since my blog is still very new! I plan to promote more pins by the end of this week and I’m super excited about it.

Here’s the thing about investing in Pinterest though and why it’s so easy … the Business Account is FREE and you don’t have to pay any money up front to start promoting pins. You just need a debit card on file. When your promotion campaign is over for that particular pin you’re promoting, Pinterest will charge your account the amount that is due depending on how many clicks you gained to your site.

If you’re looking for a way to generate more traffic to your blog, I highly recommend Pinterest! It’s easy, cheap, somewhat free but only as expensive as you make it!

Depending on how you invest in your blog, it’s really not that bad! There are soooo many ways to promote your blog and get your content out there but there also a lot of scammy companies too. So don’t just blindly spend money but instead do some researching first. Don’t think that just because promoting on Insta or Pinterest works best for everybody else will work for you too. Do some experimenting and figure out what works BEST FOR YOU.

Even do some experimenting when it comes to themes and backgrounds. I’ve come across a few good websites that sell good themes and etc but I’m still skeptical about throwing $60 away on trying one too so for now my somewhat plain background will personally do! haha!

I hope this post has helped you in someway and given you a little insight on the fact that investing in your blog doesn’t have to be dramatic but it’s definitely necessary if you want to make money from it. Hard work will always pay off and sometimes in terms of blogging .. you see success in LESS than six months! I launched my new blog on Jan. 22, 2019 and I’m proud to say that I’m already making money! I plan to post my progress on that very soon!! Again, thanks for stopping by!!

25 thoughts on “Investing in Terms of Blogging!

  1. Girl I only use Pinterest for recipes. 🤣 I have NO idea what I’m doing but I’m super interested in everything you are saying. I really want to reach people with my posts and I’m just not generating readers. You are such an inspiration!

    1. Thank you so much !! Haha! I use Pinterest for literally everything ♥️ I just had my oral surgery yesterday morning and I got on Pinterest for recovery tip ideas 😂😂😂 that’s how much I use Pinterest lol but no seriously … ITS GREAT FOR DRIVING TRAFFIC TO YOUR BLOG! I was really shocked to see the outcome of how my views increased after I promoted my first pin and the second one. I’m definitely gonna write a post on how to make money with Pinterest very very soon! Probably after I recover fully from surgery.
      Thanks for coming thru to ready my post Ash! ♥️

    1. Now that … I’m not sure! I think you’d still have to pay $75 to siteground BUT they’ll transfer your entire blog and followers and stuff for FREE. You’d have to check with them about that. I was pissed after I paid $80 to WordPress and it turned out not to be what I thought. I wish I would’ve just gone with SiteGround to begin with honestly

  2. Thank you for sharing this information! I don’t use other social media platforms to promote my blog but definitely I would love to try them!

    As you just had the oral surgery please take good care of yourself and feel better soon! 🤗

    1. You should really give Pinterest a try !! ♥️

      & girl oral surgery is no joke. It’s AWFUL☹️ and I feel like losing time working on my blog because the pain meds are keeping me out of it.

      Thanks Kranti!

  3. Wow, that’s great progress. I need to look into how to make money on my blog. I would love to write rather than go to my 9 to 5. Interested to find out more in your coming posts.

  4. It’s amazing how you have built your blog up so much in just one month! You are so dedicated, putting so many hours into your blog, whilst working full time as well! It’s clear how much care and effort has gone into each of your blog posts. Make sure to get enough rest and ‘down time’ too though 🙂

    1. Thank you !!! ♥️ I’m so proud but shocked at quickly my blog is progressing!! I seriously can’t wait to make it a full time job one day but until then I’ll continue to work my plan lol. I’ve been forced to rest over the past few days. I had oral surgery so I’ve been very out of it but I try to get on here when I can. When I fully recover, I’ll be back to it though! I appreciate you stopping by to read my post♥️♥️

  5. Hey Jess thanks for all the tips! I created my blog October 2018 but have had a rocky start as my whole house was sick for a month and we had vacation planned lol but I’ve been working at Pinterest and was interested in how promoting my pins would work so I’m definitely going to give that a go! Thanks so much!

    1. Hey Joanie !!
      Pinterest is so worth it !! It’s work creating your own photos for your own pins and building everything up but it’s not that bad! Once you start promoting the pins … it drives you traffic like crazy !! Thanks for stopping by and reading !! ♥️

  6. I will definitely be hanging out with your blog. This was great info. And to be a new blogger, you are very informed. I am glad I read this. I have thought over and over again about a new theme but I think I will leave it alone for now. Thanks!

    1. Awhh !! I’m so glad to have made a new blogging friend in you today !! I’ll be keeping up with you too and in your corner helping you grow the best I can !! ♥️

  7. Wow, this is great info & it’s nice to read about your success. Have you ever had another blog in the past? So far, affiliate marketing has brought in the most money on my blog. I try to find products that I like and that are a good fit with my blog, rather than ads I have no control over.

    Twitter has been my main method of promoting my blog, but you make Pinterest sound enticing! I’m still learning and need to write more consistently. 🙂

    1. Thank you !!!! 🤗🤗

      I have actually had another blog in the past! I was primarily hosting with WordPress.. that didn’t work out too well as far as money went so after a while I decided to go Self Hosted and join SiteGround! So far, I love it and they have been nothing less than EXCELLENT!! 🙌🏽 I’m still experimenting with monetizing methods but so far I have found that Chitika Ads work VERY well for me right now! Still reading upon the affiliate link marketing ❤️
      & Pinterest is a good traffic generating train! I’m telling you !! That’s where a lot of my traffic comes from!

      Thanks for reading and commenting !!

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