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My Update Working With Fomo Ads!!

Today officially marks a month that I’ve been working with Fomo Ads and I’m proud to say that in just one month of working with them and unintentionally abandoning my blog for a week due to a family emergency .. I still made $25 with this ad company!!

Now $25 isn’t $100 but it’s a start especially for a blogger who’s still in the beginning stages of monetizing! I remember my very first week of working with Fomo Ads. I was so excited because just within that first week I had almost made my first $5 haha!

It almost sounds silly and childish to be so happy about something like that but any blogger that’s been pretty successful in monetizing will probably tell you that it’s HARD to get your blog business off the ground in the beginning! Affiliate Marketing isn’t as easy as some people make it look and it’s quite a challenge to find an Ad Company to work with that won’t pay you pennies at a time for your efforts of traffic you do drive to your site.

I’ve been experimenting with several different ad companies over the past few months and I’m gonna say that so far I’ve had the most success with Fomo Ads! I’m not bashing other Ad Companies but I will say that I think this one is 100% legit. Again, I haven’t been with the company very long but in the little time that I have .. it’s been a successful journey so far! I’m proud of my $25 I’ve earned & cashed out with them so far and I’m looking forward to earning more!!

If you haven’t tried Fomo Ads yet, I highly recommend that you do! Getting started with them is super simple. All you do is sign up, and insert a small code into your site, wait for approval and you’re good to go! It really is so much easier than other ad networks that I’ve tried.

Before you get started, here’s some of the benefits that they have:

  • It’s super easy to sign up with them & it’s completely FREE!
  • There are no minimum page view requirements to get approved, which is excellent for beginners!
  • There is NO minimum payout threshold! Fomo Publishers get paid on the 1st of every month! Payment is made via PayPal and it is automatic no matter how much you made!!
  • Fomo also has a really generous payment setup. Their CPM seems to be quite a bit higher than Google. Meaning you get paid more per impression. Earnings are based in a combination of impressions as well as clicks on the ads.
  • The pay structure is three times better than AdSense, earning approximately $6-$10 dollars per 1000 impressions.

Again, I really think you should give Fomo Ads a try if you haven’t already! Click here to sign up! Oh and I just wanna throw it out there that it took them three days to approve my blog. So that’s just a heads up for those of you who are a bit impatient like me and want it to happen in 24hrs haha!! Those three days were well worth the wait though!

Thanks for stopping by to read about my update!!

36 thoughts on “My Update Working With Fomo Ads!!

    1. You’re welcome!! I have used several and this one has been the absolute best so far! I meant to post a picture where they sent the money to me via PayPal. That’s what I was really waiting on because some of these ad companies aren’t really legit from my experience! I love fomo 💕 thanks for reading, commenting and signing up!!

    1. Thank you so much! I don’t remember a waiting list 🤔 did you embed the code onto your site and then receive an email basically saying that you’re waiting for approval? If so, it should only take about three days or so . Mine took 3 days exactly and then ads started showing up on their own

        1. Hmm? That’s weird… Give it a few hrs and see if it gives a code. I just went in and acted like I was gonna sign up and a little bubble popped up and said 23 marketers have signed up in the past 24hrs.

          1. Thank you very much for your prompt reply dear… Your blogs are very useful for them who wants to earn through blogging.. Hv a great day

          2. Thank you!! I hope they give you a code soon! If they don’t, try reaching out to their customer support. I wouldn’t let the opportunity pass me by with them. Their ad company is pretty great! Thanks for reading, commenting and being in my corner ♥️

  1. Only by showing the advertisements, nobody can earn I think. Someone have to click on the advertisement then only earning will happen.. I have Adsense.. But it is not so much fruitful.. Any suggestion from your side will be much appreciated

    1. Fomo pays by the impression too. If someone clicks on the link then you’ll earn a little more but unlike most ad companies they do pay you for the impressions too which is pretty impressive to me

    1. So far, it’s been working great for me! I’m genuinely enjoying it! It’s the first ad company that I’ve been able to cash out with! You should try it 🙂

    1. You’re welcome !! I think you’ll really like it! I was surprised to have made $25. I wasn’t expecting it but it motivated me even more 💕 I hope you have a lot of success with fomo!

    1. These are also very neat and small ads too! They’re messy & all over the page like some ad companies do. I think you’d really like them ♥️ you should give fomo a try!!

  2. Thank you! I qas about to give up making any money and considering shutting down my blog. This gave me a shred of hope to keep at it…and I will look into fomo tonight!

    1. Hey, I don’t have entirely too many followers either but the more views/impressions you get the more money you make regardless of your following ♥️ I hope that gives you a little hope! You’re such a kind soul !!

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