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Push The “Reset” Button When You’re Ready!

When it comes to the reset button of life, everyone has one. We all use it at different times and stages in our lives. It’s no one else’s business nor decision when you decide to press yours. This is your life and not everyone’s journey will be the same.

Do not allow anyone who just pushed their reset button convince you that now is the time for you to be pushing yours! Walk your own path!! Only YOU can decide when you’re ready. Quit allowing people who pretend to conveniently forget about all their faults point out all of yours. Stop allowing people to objectify their words to you and pretend it was just friendly advice.

Do not allow hypocrisy, being shaded, and degraded in your own home in front of the ones you love. Start showing people the “exit”. Make people respect you for who you are and not who “they think” you should be. All of our lives have a beginning and an end. It’s up to you at which point you want to start. No one else.

Make sure when you’re ready to push the reset buttons in your life whether it has to do with friendships, relationships, jobs careers, your spiritual journey or whatever … YOU DO IT WHEN YOU’RE READY!!

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14 thoughts on “Push The “Reset” Button When You’re Ready!

  1. I’ve got my reset button so many times and loved it. I never thought about others trying to take over – though I have had a certain person never pleased with my choices – ha. Push your own button.
    I’ll have to forward this article to this lovely someone. ☺️

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