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Secrets to How I’m Averaging 400+ Daily Views on My Blog!

First of all, let me just start of by saying that I know there are other bloggers out there that probably generate a crap load of daily views more than me but I am PROUD to have reached this goal so far in my blogging career!! I went from getting roughly 89 views per day to now averaging at least 400!! To me, that’s major!! A few days over this past week, I actually hit 450 daily views!! “Shocked” is an understatement to describe my reaction in those moments! Super excited yet and still so humbled. I felt the need to celebrate and do something nice for myself because I believe in celebrating the small wins until I can reach the bigger ones.

I’m not new to the game of blogging but this particular blog ( was new as of January 2019 and I am absolutely shocked at how well it’s grown, performed and made money within literally just a few months! This would not have been possible without the support of you guys & the BEST Self Hosting Platform out there: SiteGround – here’s the link if you wanna check out some of their prices and plans. If you’re already using WordPress and considering upgrading, I’m gonna tell you right now that SiteGround is cheaper and you’ll get way more out if it!

Anyways, I am incredibly grateful for the way each one of you all support me and my blog whether you stop by to read, comment, purchase things from my affiliate links, or even share my posts to your social media sites .. THANK YOU!! I get personal emails all the time asking for different blogging tips and advice so when I share posts like these, it’s my way of giving back to the blogging community. Free of charge because I love y’all !! Now on to the secrets .. !!

Pinterest is where a very LARGE portion of my traffic comes from! When I had my very first blog, I remember hearing and reading about how all of this magical traffic can be generated from this particular platform. I thought that was pretty cool but at the same time I wasn’t as interested because I assumed that it would be too much of a hassle to get things set up, get it connected to my site and just kind of get the ball rolling but this time around with my second blog, I decided to give it a try especially since I was more serious about monetizing! Turns out that it wasn’t as difficult as I thought. My Pinterest Account went from having 100 followers to now 1,374 followers with 181.3K monthly viewers all within ONE MONTH. I know my stats are still low compared to others but what little numbers I do have is currently working magic on my blog stats and I am forever grateful for it!

Those viewers have a major impact on the daily views I receive to my blog everyday! Once you get your blog connected to your Pinterest Account, there’s really nothing to it! In my opinion, it’s the repetitive action of pinning other people’s pins to your boards that’s within your same niche, creating YOUR OWN photos and linking them to your blog in the description of that particular pin you create, and then PROMOTING your own pins through Pinterest! That is the key to driving bat shit crazy traffic to your blog through this platform!! I’ll be sharing a more detailed post on how to get Pinterest up and going for your blog very soon for anyone who’s interested! Let me know in the comments but again, Pinterest the main platform that generates a lot of my traffic right now.

Some people like Twitter, others don’t .. me personally, I LOVE IT !! It’s my second favorite social media platform to promote my content on. Sometimes I get a reaction from my regular tweets that I create right after I publish a new post but overall a great amount of traffic is generated to my site through the blog trains!! You gotta make the blog trains work in your favor! If you don’t show love to other people’s blogs then you won’t receive much.. at all! The blogging community is amazing on Twitter and honestly, it’s a great place to do plenty of networking! It’s all about helping each other grow!

Sometimes “good titles” are super hard to come up with but it’s important that you do the absolute best you can with them! Why?

  1. Good titles play a big part in you making a GOOD FIRST IMPRESSION.
  2. A good title is good click bait! Even if your post sucks, people will still click on your link just to kill their curiosity! Heck, they might not even read the post for real but either way it’s a win-win situation for you because you still get their “view” !! That sounds awful but it’s actually really true haha!

Networking is probably the most critical action in having a successful blog. Often times, people get the term networking confused with taking advantage of other people in order to build their business but I stand again today to say that networking is about so much more than “your business”. It’s about building relationships and trust !! You don’t build a business. You build people and then the people build business. Don’t ever forget that! Networking only works if you do it consistently, not occasionally, but consistently!


Everything listed above is what brings me pretty much all of my traffic! However, there are some extras things that I do as well that play a part in it.

  1. Facebook Blog Groups
  2. WordPress Reader
  3. Sometimes I run into new bloggers on Instagram but not entirely too many because my Insta sucks and I’m the world’s worst at updating it!
  4. Throughout the week, I visit the blogs of those already following me and try to leave some sort of love.

Well, that’s all for today blog baes! I hope this helps you! Let me know if I can help you in any way and I’ll do the very best I can !! I’m not an expert…not even close but I’ll advise you when I can! Thanks for stopping by to read and support today!!

45 thoughts on “Secrets to How I’m Averaging 400+ Daily Views on My Blog!

    1. You’re welcome !! Thanks so much for reading!! ❤️ Be proud of your current record while shooting for more !! I wish you literally nothing but success babygirl 😘

  1. Hello Jessica:
    Nice post! I have been thinking of starting a Pinterest account to promote my blog and you have inspired me try sooner, rather than later. Congratulations on all your blogging success. No need to qualify it; you are doing great!!

    Mind and Love

    1. Thanks Bharath!! Your comments really keep me encouraged ❤️ Instagram is the one thing that people should never ask me about though !! I’m terrible at it 😂😂🙈

      1. Oh don’t worry, I’m not asking you about it.😂 I’m terrible at making friends. My average views per day are dismal but whatever.
        You’re doing great! (I’m totally not jealous)

        1. Lol no I’m saying I don’t feel like can help people in general with Insta when it comes to the blogging part lol
          You’re an amazing blogger! I’m totally gonna keep telling you that!! 😜

  2. Very true. I’m also learning and hoping that more people come and read. Not so much concerned about earning money but a good readership matters. Thanks for the tips.

    1. Readership is actually very important! For it to be strong means that people are very interested in what you have to say through your writing ❤️ that’s why important to take your content serious!
      I love your comment!! Thank you so much for reading and giving feedback!

  3. I really need to put more effort into Pinterest! Like you I love twitter. Great tips and advice.
    Thank you for sharing with us.

  4. Still learning the tricks to make Pinterest work on my favor, & I absolutely love twitter too! It’s connected me to so many other amazing bloggers! Congrats!!

  5. Great read! I’m just starting the Pinterest thing this month…trying to figure it out. My problem so far with my blog is that I have twin boys that need lots of care….so the time is just not there yet. But it’s ok and writing is always on my heart and I know that the seeds I plant now will one day be harvested by Him. ♥️

  6. Thank-you! I just pinned all of our articles to Pinterest, thanks to you. I’ve had an established Pinterest account for a number of years and haven’t utilized it much for blogging. Been using mostly Twitter, but my following on Twitter is for reselling since that is what I started it for. Now I need to work on getting into the blogging community there. I love all your articles, by the way. 🙂

    1. You’re welcome !! You’ve got the most time consuming part out of the way! Now you just need to make sure you promote them through Pinterest! Click the button that says promote. Set your prices and days to literally whatever you want! Normally after I do that, I start seeing a lot of traffic coming through within 24hrs. Make sure you use good tags too! Use tags that most people would type in their Pinterest search bar!! Thanks so much for reading and commenting !! ❤️

  7. This was just what I needed! I’ve recently started using Pinterest again to promote my blog, I just need to get the hang of creating my own pins! Do you re-post the same pin for the same blog post? I’d also love to read the more detailed post on Pinterest please! Xx

    1. Yay !! ❤️ normally I try to make at least two different pins for each post with the different designs but I still use the same link to that particular post. Anything that you feel like you can make a quote out of , create your own photo out of it . That normally works for me!! Thanks for reading and commenting !!

  8. I so love these tips! I’m trying to work more at my Pinterest now that I’ve finally started learning more about it and it really does give so much more traffic! And Twitter seriously has the best people ❤️ Great post!

  9. Hey Jess,

    This is some great advice. I’m going to go and put some of these things into practice. Great blog also, Keep empowering us to empower others.

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