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Seeking Validation is Unhealthy!

We live in a society where public opinion and validation from people we don’t even know is more important than knowing our own self worth and that is so sad. Free yourself from being a prisoner to the opinions of other people! One thing is sure, people are going to talk about you til the day you die.

Whether you’re doing good or bad, somebody somewhere will always have something to say about it. Don’t let that hinder you. Don’t let that stop you from being who you are. As a matter of fact, don’t let that stop you from being who God created you to be.

 “God did not make anything average! When He created you, He went to great lengths to make you exactly how He wanted.” -Joel Osteen

 I hope you receive that on today!! Fully love and embrace WHO YOU ARE despite what others may think. Have the type of confidence that says, “I love myself enough to not let what other people think or say about me change how I feel about me.” Self Worth comes from within. You can’t rely on others to validate you. Honestly, the only validation you need is the one you get from God.

So with that being said, keep doing you! BE GREAT. If people wanna talk.. let them talk! One of my favorite lines is that, “their hating will never be enough to stop the Hand of God.” Their opinions won’t stop Him from blessing you! Over the years, I have learned that people will talk about you like a dog… behind your back & GOD will still bless you right in front of their faces! I know this to be very true so trust me when I say, “what other people think really doesn’t matter.”

I know you’re tired of hearing negativity from your doubters, but you have to understand that they will always ask you WHY you are doing it. If you keep working hard and believing, I promise there will be a time when they ask HOW you did it!!

Just in case no one has told you today, “I love you” and I am always praying for you!! Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog today! You’re amazing and don’t ever forget that.

27 thoughts on “Seeking Validation is Unhealthy!

  1. In our modern day likes/clicks equals validation society, this post is very important. It took me years to stop being a people pleaser and to lose my care for what others think. It is empowering to only care what God thinks!!

    1. You are so right about that !! Social Media plays a HUGE role in validation these days and it’s crazy !!! Love yourself unfiltered ♥️ thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. Beautiful post! I have someone at my job who is always talking negatively about other people and I know she talks about me to. I will think back to this post whenever she is getting me down.

    1. Girl, people like that ain’t got nothing else better to do than to worry about EVERYBODY ELSE & what they’re doing!! To be on that level of pettiness on a day to day basis is called MISERY! Keep doing you. 💛 Keep working. Keep smiling! Throw em off by being unbothered! 😜 thanks for reading and commenting! Hope you have a beautiful day!

  3. Definitely some truth here! And yet A lot of the stepping stones to growing up require us to do so! I think there’s some validity in seeking validity in your peers, just as long, as you have said, that you know where its coming from and are aware of your own intentions! Great read Jessica!

    1. I agree with that Ash!! You made a very good point !! As long as it doesn’t become a habit then I guess it’s okay to a certain extent. Thanks for reading and commenting!! ♥️

  4. I was always seeking validation from others…I just started to accept myself and what makes me happy without looking to others and it feels great!

    1. I think we reach a point in our lives where we seek validation from other people and it has such impact on our self esteem but once you truly learn that the opinions of other people really don’t matter and you start live with that mindset … a lot changes !! 💕 thanks for reading and commenting!!

  5. I love the spirit of this post:) If there is something I have learned over time is that people pleasing is just exhausting and fruitless. As long as I remain true to myself I will end up where I need to be. You wrote beautifully.

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