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Self-Care Comes in Many Forms!

Self-Care comes in so many different forms! It’s more than just shutting yourself completely off to the world and relaxing! Sometimes Self-Care is actually:

  1. Good Sleep
  2. Exercise
  3. Fresh Air
  4. Social Media Detoxing
  5. Manicures & Pedicures
  6. Quiet Time
  7. Asking for Help
  8. Journaling
  9. Listening to a Podcast
  10. Going to the Chiropractor
  11. Having a Cup of Coffee
  12. Getting Haircut
  13. Visiting the Beauty Salon
  14. Painting
  15. Buying a Treat
  16. Hiring Help
  17. Getting a Massage
  18. Going to the Doctor
  19. A Nap
  20. Walking
  21. Reading
  22. Flowers
  23. Taking a Bath
  24. Taking a Long Shower
  25. Therapy
  26. Counseling
  27. Using a Babysitter
  28. Seeing a Friend
  29. Meditation
  30. Boundaries

R E M I N D E R : Make time for you!

22 thoughts on “Self-Care Comes in Many Forms!

  1. All of these are great and especially the social media detoxing. I’m going to do that for the rest of today into tomorrow.

    It’s nice to meet you, Jessica. Have a great weekend. β™₯

  2. I loved this Jessica! Many of these I do try doing weekly! I think writing is my best form of therapy because it does help me so much. I need to figure out how to sleep much better and a little more. I think during the week, I might get 5 hours of sleep and then work 8 come home and have to do more. I need to learn to take time for myself with quiet time!!!

    1. Thank you so much !!! 🌸 Sometimes we just have to be reminded to make time for ourselves, me included lol thanks so much for reading and commenting !!

  3. This may be a bit different but one of my favourite forms of self care is to cook something super delicious (and healthy) for myself β™₯ Cooking relaxes me anyway and the good food is always needed. I also like to take time just to do nothing in particular – it is like a human version of Ctrl + Alt + Delete and the perfect reset sometimes x

    1. Girl cooking is my FAV!! Well , actually I’d rather just eat lol but unfortunately I’m the cooker of my castle πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Ellie that’s a great one to add!! Thanks so much for reading and commenting !!

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