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SELF CARE : Health & Fitness Journey!

There are so many levels to Self Care that it’s not even funny! I’ve been on this journey for two years now and each level has completely changed my life in the most positive ways!

Who was I before self-development? Like why didn’t anybody tell me about how life changing this is?? If you would’ve told me a couple of years ago that the journey of Self Love/Self Care was something that I’d strongly embrace and encourage others in, I’d probably laugh it off. Why? Because my dreams were totally different back then! I had plans to open my own daycare but then life happened and set me on a totally different path.

One of my most FAVORITE levels of self care is the Health & Fitness part of it !! Growing up, I’ve always participated in sports. Particularly, BASKETBALL!! I played in little pee wee camps all the way up through college. So I’ve always been in pretty good shape and well conditioned. However, my health and fitness life changed dramatically soon after becoming a mom and having two children. Between motherhood and the daily responsibilities of adulting, I stayed pretty busy! Actually, I was so busy that I didn’t have time to go to the gym.

My Husband started a new health and fitness journey at the beginning of this year. He signed up for a monthly membership, got himself a workout plan and started going weekly! I was so excited for him that I went with him the first few times. As much as I enjoyed it, I had to stop going because we didn’t have anyone to watch the kids while we worked out together. Not to mention, we both work very different hours on our day jobs so that also played a big role in us not being able to workout together as often. So he and his brother have joined together as gym partners while I stay at home and do the Mom thing! haha.

As PROUD as I was of my Husband, I still missed working out simply because it was one of most favorite stress relieving things to do. There are SEVERAL benefits to working out besides the positive physical results you get but for me it was ultimately good for my mental health.

I’ve discovered that you can still burn plenty of fat and get your body in shape without ever having to leave the house! There’s no need to spend hours at the gym. Whether you want to build endurance, increase strength, burn calories to keep your waistline in check or lose the belly pouch, you can do it all in the comfort of your own home!

I have a solid weekly routine that works for me. It’s nice 45-60 minute workout that includes cardio, some light weight work and I’m always working on my core. I train my abs at least three times a week and I’ve learned to eat healthier as well! I’m very proud of the benefits I’ve been reaping from consistently sticking to my daily routines!! You get so much more out of it than just the new and improved physical body. Trust me!!

What I LOVE most about MY Workout Plan :

  • It’s convenient for people who can’t afford to pay gym memberships every month.
  • It’s convenient for people who don’t have transportation to the gym.
  • It’s really good for those who don’t feel comfortable in starting their health and fitness journey off at the gym.
  • It’s good for people who literally just do not have enough time in the day to even make it to the gym!
  • More than anything, this workout is EXCELLENT for MOMS who don’t have babysitters for when they do want to go workout themselves.

For anyone who’s interested in joining this health and fitness journey with me and being on my team – I will be releasing each one of my plans for sale by April 8th, 2019 !! Don’t worry, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg unlike so many other plans I’ve came across. Packages include MY daily workout plans:

  1. AB Days!
  2. Cardio & Booty Days!
  3. Healthy Snacks, Dinners, Lunches & Breakfasts! (I don’t follow a particular meal plan diet. I just monitor what I eat and make sure that my intake is healthy! I’m kind of a picky eater so it was a challenge to find healthy foods that I actually LOVE!!)

For anyone who is interested now, feel free to shoot me an email me at !!

I’m forever grateful for this path that was chosen for me. When I get frustrated, I remind myself that God has me in every situation for a reason. Sometimes, I become impatient but in all honesty, it’s not taking too long. It’s taking exactly the amount of time needed for me to become who I need to be in order to serve others.

In the end, I’m just trying to lift people up and encourage them on their journey to self love! I appreciate those of you who support me and show genuine love to my business!!

43 thoughts on “SELF CARE : Health & Fitness Journey!

  1. My significant other and I have embarked on a healthcare program of diet and exercise, and I have to say that it has made a huge difference in how we feel and how we are approaching our diet and overall lifestyle. It is a great thing to know that we will likely live a healthier life because we are doing something about it which is really not that difficult to do. Thank you kindly.

    1. The older I get, the more I realize how important my health really is !! So many people get hung up on the outward appearance but it’s really so much more than that! Thanks so much for reading and commenting!! ❤️ I was just on your post a few mins ago reading about those slugs and right after I commented, I noticed that I had a notification from you! I got tickled at the fact that we we must’ve been visiting each other’s blogs at the same time lol! Have a great night!!

  2. I love training. I weight train 3 times a week now that I’m a mum and limited for time and do boxing one day a week. I count it as self care as I feel great after! It is like therapy.
    Thank you for sharing.

    1. Boxing ?? WOW!! I bet that’s fun !! Great way to relieve some tension too lol but yes I’m loving my health and fitness journey! Its life changing! Thanks so much for reading and commenting 💕

    1. Yesss! Especially the older you get. It’s so important to take care of yourself on that level !! ❤️ thanks so much for reading and giving positive feedback! I always appreciate your comments so much !!

  3. Hey Jessica, this is a great post! I’ve just started a healthy eating regime about a month ago and joined a gym last week. I’ve tried working out at home but since injuring my knee last year I find it hard to know what I can and can’t do now. So going to the gym is hopefully the answer! Looking forward to seeing how you get on x

    1. Awhh thank you so much and that’s great !! I’m excited about your health and fitness journey! Knew injuries are the WORST ☹️ but I’m glad you’re not letting it stop you!!

  4. It’s great that you have established a workout routine at home! I tend to go through phases of exercising a lot and then hardly at all. But I know how good it is for mental health, as well as physical!

    1. Hi there!!
      That sounds very similar to my plan! I’d rather tone my body up! Next week , I plan on launching my workout plans!! If you come back and see me then, I promise you won’t be disappointed !! 🙂

  5. I keep trying to start a new fitness program but keep on failing to find the motivation to do so. It’s good to know that once you find that motivation, it’s there to stay and you’re enjoying what you’re doing now! All the better because it’s cost-effective as well! Looking forward to seeing how you progress!!

    1. The easiest part is getting started .. the hardest part is staying consistent!! I know what you mean because in the beginning, I struggled so I had to take baby steps lol if I can do it then you can too!! Thanks so much for reading and commenting ❤️

  6. Wow congratulations on coming out with your own plan!! It’s so exciting when you find workouts and routines that work for your life and your body!! Great post and very motivational! Very interested in checking out your plan 😊

  7. I love working out at home, especially now that I am working from home, so I don’t have to worry about going anywhere. We have a pool in the backyard, so I incorporate that in the summer, and I did splurge on a nice treadmill for the colder months.

    1. OMG !!! I can’t wait to get like you !! I workout at home but I don’t have a pool yet lol! & I can’t wait to start working from home!! Geesh!! ❤️ You’re my inspiration lol thanks for reading and commenting!

    1. 😂😂😂 you’re so silly !!
      Lol it’s seriously life changing though!! ❤️ I can’t wait to officially launch my Health & Fitness plan business !! 2019 is such a year of blessings!!

    1. Girl don’t feel bad! Health & Fitness is a challenging journey to stay on yet and still so worth it in the end! I’ve had my moments where I’ve slacked too! I’m glad I could help motivate you! You got this !! ❤️ thanks so much for reading and commenting !!

  8. This is great. I’m happy you’ve found a home work out regime that works for you. I enjoy working out at home too, including yoga, light weight training and cardio.

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