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Never apologize for having standards and refusing to just let anyone have a seat at your table in life. People may take offense to it but they often forget that it has more to do with yourself than it does them. YOU are responsible for protecting your peace and have every right to decide who to let in and who to keep out. Call it selfish, I call it self-care.You have one life here on earth, be wise and take care of it. God will show you who NEEDS to be there.

One of the greatest standards I’ve developed so far this year is refusing to take a seat at one’s table of dysfunction, negativity, misery, lies, and etc. You have a choice as to what you deal with and please believe that when your standards and refusal to put up with some things make someone uncomfortable or feel rejected, they will pinpoint YOU as the problem but keep your standards and protect your peace anyways. There are some things you really DO NOT have to deal with. I promise.

35 thoughts on “Standards are ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY!

  1. WOW Jess, this was beautiful and very true! We all need to decide who we are going to allow into our lives because it’s important to love ourselves. I am trying to learn this, but often put everyone else’s needs ahead of my own. Someday, I will break through that wall and care of about myself!

    1. Don’t feel bad! I was reminded of this exact same lesson this over this past week!! Both standards and boundaries are absolutely NECESSARY! Without them, my self peace is easily disturbed!

      Thank you for coming by to visit my new blog and read! You know I always enjoy your company!

      1. We need to have standards, but boundaries are also just as important. In the past I didn’t have true boundaries set with family, but I am working on it. I am so happy to always visit your fabulous blog!

          1. Family can be a complicated thing! My mother was my main stress point in life for so many years. I am trying to maintain boundaries with her, but I also feel like I have to be there to pick her back up.

          2. I understand very much where you’re coming from with that! I love my family so much ! There is literally almost nothing in this world that I wouldn’t do for them BUT I also have to make sure I draw the line on certain things too otherwise everything just kind of spirals out of control and sends me right back into a state of depression that I don’t like visiting!

          3. See, we totally understand each other and really are so much alike! Dealing with family drama can definitely send us to a place we don’t want to be in and it is a fight to not allow that to happen!

          4. YES!
            For me, it’s almost a daily battle. So I definitely understand. That’s why I’m so grateful for my babies. God knew what He was doing when he gave them to me! πŸ™ŒπŸ½ If nothing else, they are MY purpose to live! β™₯️

  2. Jessica, excellent advice! So reminds me of a great book I read, “The Energy Bus” by Jon Gordon. It’s all about the people we let on our bus and who we don’t in life. The ones that bring us energy, love, life, and happiness, and we can let those that don’t off our bus! Keep up the encouragement! I’ll be back to read more!!

  3. This is a hard one for people to grasp! You nailed it on the head… NEVER apologize for kicking someone out of your corner that does not leave you feeling positive and uplifted. Thanks for the reminder that it is ok to protect yourself from those that break us down vs build us up.

    1. I remember reading your post earlier !! The pumpkins & sunflowers are so cute!! That’s probably like my only favorite part of fall lol after that … I miss the summer again!

  4. One should never be apologetic when setting standards and placing ‘self’ first. We must know our Self worth. Otherwise we’re no good to anyone else, and we leave ourselves open to being mistreated!

    1. Exactly!
      One thing I’ve learned is that people will sometimes try to make you feel guilty for having standards but hey .. if they really love and respect you, they’ll respect whatever is in your best interest for your self peace and mental health!
      Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, reading and commenting! God Bless You! 😘

    1. I AM !!! β™₯️β™₯️
      I’m so shocked that you remembered !! It’s me lol I decided to start over and go self hosted so I could explore better opportunities for even having a blog lol

        1. Lol it’s okay! Self Hosting is basically where you go through companies like SiteGround, Bluehost or GoDaddy to host your blog instead of directly through WordPress. Being Self Hosted opens more doors for you to make more money with your blog without the worry of having so many limitations. So far, I’m enjoying it! I’ve learned a lot along the way and still learning and trying to get the hang of things lol

  5. A lot of people confuse being nice with being a doormat. For a good life, we have to first be nice to ourselves. This post was short and sweet but so essential. Loved it!

  6. Absolutely. Well said. It has been said by my grand mom, she always said its good to take few mins of guilt or sorrow rather taking pain for whole life. If we want to say no for something or someone or live up to our own set standards for ourself we should not hesitate to say No. 😊

    1. You’re grandma is a very wise woman for those words !! πŸ™ŒπŸ½ In this day & time you have to treat people How to treat you by using standards & boundaries!! Thanks for visiting my post!!

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