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Your Past Prepares You for Who You Are to Become..

Just a friendly reminder to those feeling discouraged about their “past” .. it does not define who are nor does it limit all that God has for you in the future! As a matter of fact, no matter how bad or embarrassing you think your past is, I want you to know that God has a beautiful way of using it to make your story powerful and so inspiring.

You didn’t finish college? You can always go back. You graduated from a public school? At least you got a degree. You worked at a fast food restaurant? I know you’ve learned a lot! You came from a broken family? Now that’s why you’re strong. You didn’t get the job? You can apply again. You were cheated on? You’re not the loser. You served time behind bars? Use the wisdom you gained during that time to encourage the younger generation coming along.

You see my point? No matter how embarrassing you think your past is, they’re already a part of your history and you know what? Before you were ever created or even thought of .. God already knew who you were, what you would be.. He wrote the story of your life before you even started living it and that’s the beauty of it. God won’t throw you away after you make a mistake. He’ll give you favor even after a failure!

Sometimes the hardest person for you to forgive is the one you see in the mirror everyday. It’s time for you to get free!! I pray that you start working on trying heal from the things you don’t talk about or can’t get over. That “thing” the enemy sent to destroy you will be the very thing that God uses to elevate you!!

Sending lots of love, light and positive vibes your way today!!

55 thoughts on “Your Past Prepares You for Who You Are to Become..

    1. Thank you so much Renard!! ❀️ & Yes , sometimes β€œself” is the hardest one to forgive but it’s necessary if you wanna move forward! Thanks so much for reading and commenting !!

  1. This is such a hard-hitting post. We can be so, so hard on ourselves and out ‘failures’ that we often fail to see that it’s not the end, we can always go back to university, we can always get another job, we can always pick ourselves up and try again.

    Thank you for sharing this – this is something I could do with reading on a daily basis.

    – Nyxie

  2. Well argued and so encouraging. So needed today when shame and guilt deprive people of their joy and value and worth. Yes, let it go. Shake it loose, and see you are so valuable to others. Teach what you know and have experienced, for no one else can.

    1. I agree! It’s not always a easy thing to do. Better said than done actually but worth the healing !! Thanks so much for reading and commenting !! ❀️

  3. So glad I read this! It can be easy to put yourself down for the things that you did/ didn’t do in the past but as long as you either learn something from it or use it to plan your next steps, you’re still on a good path. I love how positive this is x


  4. Yes sometimes forgiving part is the hardest but it is necessary for healing and moving forward! Amazing post dear! ❀️

  5. Really love this – it is so true that God has a plan for us and uses our failures as part of His plan and for His glory (even when we feel frustrated or don’t understand why). Thank you for this reminder… much needed right now.

  6. Thank you for writing and sharing this. So many people need to hear this, including me. No matter what you go through in life it doesn’t have to define you or ‘ruin’ it. Change is always possible and, sometimes, even welcomed.

    – Nyxie

  7. Great post! It is so hard to forget and forgive yourself for the things you did in your past. However, I do believe that in order to move on and make a good future, you have to forgive yourself first. Thanks for always being so positive and making me think about these things!

  8. Definitely the hardest person to forgive is yourself took me a while to get there but I thank God for Grace everyday to always forgive myself- thank you Jessica for this x

  9. Absolutely AMAZING post Jessica! I know I tend to get discouraged about life, especially when I am in too much pain to do things. You always have an amazing way to create positive from negative and I enjoy reading everything you share. You bring light and happiness to SO many and please never forge that!!

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